Tesla vs Apple Car: Which Is The Real Luxury Electric Car?

The quarrel between two leading luxury electric car companies has just become official. So, which is the real luxury: Tesla or Apple?

Tesla and Apple are well-known global brands with a wide market. Apple has a market capitalization of approximately $2 trillion dollars, while Tesla has a market capitalization of approximately $780 billion dollars. When it comes to calculating its worth, Apple is undoubtedly the leading company, but Tesla, too, has been leading the race for a while to make electric cars. Tesla’s self-driving electric vehicle is all a part of the future city of Elon Musk.

It comes with outstanding characteristics that give the world a glimpse into the future. Apple, too, has been working secretly on an electric car, however. Tension in the world has been created by the cut-throat rivalry between these two giants. When it comes to electric cars, Tesla already holds about 18 percent of the market share. On the other side, Apple excels in computer device manufacturing. It dominates about 11% of the world market and 40% of the market in the United States.

It is Apple’s motto to excel in manufacturing, and it intends to beat Tesla in its own game. Elon Musk wanted to sell Tesla to Apple CEO Tim Cook, which is an interesting fact. Cook had refused, and Apple was already working on its own project to defeat Tesla in the development of the best electric vehicles in the world.

Apple recently reported that this car will be developed under Project Titan. The following are the relevant points of comparison in deciding who should win this race.

Battery Quality

The type of batteries used is one of the significant factors shaping the competition between Tesla and Apple in producing the world’s best luxury EVs. In its battery game, Apple is usually optimistic in beating Tesla and has claimed to build batteries that will take up less space while being more powerful. Elon Musk, on the other hand, claims Apple is being too optimistic and scientifically impractical.

He also openly ridiculed his rival on Twitter. This tweet, however, has been ignored by Apple. It has been rumored that Cook and his team are working with Hyundai and a Taiwan-based company, Hota Industrial Manufacturing. Their aim is to build a battery with a mono cell that will take up minimal space and hardly take 20 minutes to charge. At least 400 to 500 miles will be the mileage.

Safety & Security

Safety measures have the utmost significance when it comes to electric vehicles. Although the computer system of the car will take care of the journey, there are high chances that it will get hacked. Apple has attempted to win Tesla’s rivalry by arranging high-tech security features in their new luxury electric car.

It has equipped the EV with built-in AI capabilities to fight the most dangerous cyberattacks—the C1 chip with an A12 Bionic processor will equip the model with AI capabilities. The mounted Artificial Intelligence will assist the driver, such as Siri or Alexa. iOS and Siri will be completely integrated into the system.

It also includes a feature that ensures the driver’s safety. When it considers the driver to be tired, lazy, or even careless, the AI will have the technology that will be completely automated.

Design & Features

The key aspect that distinguishes a luxury car is its smooth and autonomous driving. Apple, on the other hand, is giving Tesla a run for its money by adding some unique features, such as appearance. According to rumors, the Apple model will be similar to the Tesla model.

It will have a sleek aerodynamic body and will be recognized for its high-resolution LED displays that will act as headlights and taillights. More significantly, there will be LIDAR sensors for the Apple luxury electric vehicle, something that Tesla does not boast about. For the AI to come up with better discretion, these sensors will form a 3D picture of the routes being taken by the vehicle.

And when it comes to pricing, the competition between the two giant firms seems promising. According to Apple expert Gene Munster, the retail price of Apple’s luxury electric car would be about $75,000. This approximate cost is smaller than that of the $81,190 Tesla Model X vehicle. It is, however, more expensive than the Model S, which starts at $70,620. These characteristics make deciding which is the true luxury electric car challenging. The answer is likely to come by 2024!

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