Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels RC Does Donuts and Jumps

Tesla Cybertruck fans were able to preorder a Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck about a year ago, and some have already received it. But, as you can see below, some RC Cybertrucks have recently been discovered at Target.

Tesla partnered with Hot Wheels to create two RC Cybertrucks, one in 1:64 scale and the other in 1:10 scale.

Tesla Raj, a YouTuber, purchased two of the small ones and said the larger one isn’t yet available. He plays epic music while unboxing and playing with the RC Cybertruck. He explains that all you have to do is move the joystick left or right to make an infinite number of donuts, or until the batteries run out. More footage of the RC Cybertruck in action can be found below.

When it comes to batteries, the remote control uses four AA batteries to power the Cybertruck. Aside from the joysticks, there’s a button that attaches the remote to the vehicle, alignment keys, and a boost button that accelerates the Cybertruck.

The Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck costs $20, according to Raj, and it’s the best $20 he’s ever spent. He didn’t mention which Target store he found it in, but he did say that only a few Target stores have it. Only the Nissan GT-R and Roger Dodger models were available on Target.com. As a result, it’s likely that it’s sold out.

Someone in Giga, Texas, seems to have gotten one as well:

If you’d like one, Tesla Raj will select a winner in about a week. So, for a chance to win, watch his video.

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