Tesla releases its UK Energy Plan, indicates upcoming Virtual Power Plant project

Tesla has unveiled their Energy Plan for the United Kingdom. This marks one of the first major steps taken by Tesla Energy to become a viable alternative for utility services in the region.

IT expert and environmentalist Mark W. Tebutt (@mwt2008 on Twitter) got a very intriguing email about his Tesla Energy Plan from the EV automaker. Tesla has partnered with Octopus Energy in the UK to handle its energy plan for customers, according to the screenshot posted by @mwt2008.

Octopus Energy has a lot in common with Tesla, including its disruptive nature. On its official website, the UK-based energy service provider wrote that it joined the sector to “disrupt the status quo with energy that’s good for the planet, good for your wallet, and honestly, good for your soul.”

Energy suppliers in the UK set a default price for services, called tariffs. The Tesla Energy Plan in the UK provides Tesla vehicle owners with a 24/7 import and export (charging and discharging) rate of 8p(pence)/kWh and 11p/kWh for those who are non-Tesla vehicle owners, as per the Energy Plan FAQ page of the electric car manufacturer.

As of October 2020, according to Octopus Energy, the Tesla Energy Plan has the lowest import flat-rate in the UK energy industry. UK Power has stated that in the UK, the average tariff is 14.40p/kWh. Depending on the venue, the tariff will differ.

Tesla Powerwall, Solar Panels, and Solar Roof products work with the Energy Plan. While Tesla Solar Roof it is currently not available for purchase in the UK. The email did not specify whether the Energy Plan operated only for Tesla products or whether the program could also be used by customers for solar panels from other companies.

Tesla appears to have planned its energy strategy in the United Kingdom to run on two levels. First, it provides clients with Tesla’s products, especially its Powerwall home battery. Second, via the Powerwalls, it will help create Tesla’s “big” UK Virtual Power Plant.

The Tesla Energy Plan’s key advantages were broken down by Octopus Energy. They are listed underneath.

  • Power your home and EV with 100% clean energy
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Support the grid when it needs it most
  • Reduce reliance on the grid
  • Protect your home from power cuts
  • Be part of Tesla’s first UK Virtual Power Plant
  • Receive introductory offers

In May 2020, Tesla submitted an application to become a full-blown electricity supplier in the UK. The first fruits of that implementation could be the Tesla Energy Plan released in conjunction with Octopus Energy.

For some time, the Energy Division of Tesla has been lying in the shadows of its EV development division. Over the years, it has generated some subtle waves in the US residential battery storage industry, and high-profile ventures such as the Hornsdale Power Reserve have captured the headlines, but this year, Tesla Energy has really begun to demonstrate its value.

Solar Roof V3 installations have been ramping up since the beginning of the year, and the company’s flagship energy storage device, the Megapack, has become a key component of major ventures, such as Moss Landing’s giant battery farm. Tesla posted record deployments of 759 MWh in its Q3 update letter, and Elon Musk noted that Solar Roof would prove to be a killer product next year in the company’s earnings call.

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