Tesla’s Megapack Battery Installation in Moss Landing is taking shape

The progress made at Moss Landing, California, by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Tesla Energy’s large Megapack battery seems to be very consistent, with a recent site flyover showing that hundreds of grid-scale energy storage units have already been built in concrete slabs. On one end of the Moss Landing site, more Megapack batteries still remain wrapped, suggesting that more battery installations will possibly take place in the near future.

EKM Metering, a firm that designs and sells electric meters, water meters, gas meters, and communication systems that provide free access to meter data, provided footage of the Moss Landing Tesla Megapack site. The flyover was carried out this Saturday and was able to provide a good overview of the current state of the site at Moss Landing Megapack. Needless to say, the video showed an ambitious project taking shape for battery storage.

The Moss Landing installation will be an 182.5MW/730MWh battery that will consist of a whopping 256 Megapacks, the flagship battery storage unit of Tesla Energy that is specifically built for grid use. EKM Metering claimed in its flyover that the 256 megapacks would be set up on 33 concrete slabs to be installed on the site. By the time of the flyover, approximately 10 of these slabs seem to have been constructed on the site, and more are under construction.

It is anticipated that the Moss Landing battery will be finished sometime in early 2021, with the system being completely deployed in Q2 2021. Considering the scale of the installation itself, this is a very ambitious objective. The fact that over 60 megapacks have already been delivered to the site, however, indicates that the advancement of the massive battery has been very important.

It is planned that the giant Megapack farm will be used to meet the area’s peak energy demands. Once operational, when demand is low, the grid-scale batteries can store excess solar and wind energy produced. The energy could then be used, especially at times when solar and wind are not available, as demand picks up. The battery is also projected to provide PG&E with around $100 million worth of savings over the projected 20-year lifetime of the plant.

Watch the latest footage of Tesla’s Moss Landing Megapack installation below.

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