Tesla begins deliveries of vehicles with Hardware 4 computer

Tesla has seemingly started deliveries of vehicles equipped with the Hardware 4 (HW4) computer, as an owner who took delivery of a Model X has confirmed his car is outfitted with the new system.

Jason Clinton, a member of the TeslaMotors subreddit, took delivery of his Model X this past weekend and was shown by a Tesla technician that his vehicle was equipped with “AP4,” as well as his radar being set to “Phoenix,” which was the name of the newest iteration, according to recent information leaks about HW4.

Clinton said Service Advisors had confirmed to him that the internal systems reflected the vehicle having Hardware 4, along with an inventory screen that confirmed the Phoenix radar was present in the vehicle.

TeslaScope also confirmed that the vehicle, along with several others, is running the new Hardware 4 computer, as previous, Hardware 3 iterations offered an API response of AP3 and not AP4.

The first details regarding HW4 were issued in mid-February when Tesla hacker greentheonly was in possession of a unit that came from a new Model X vehicle. Along with more camera ports available in an effort to support Tesla’s vision of a camera-based and vision-focused self-driving quest, Tesla also seemed to reintroduce radar and a radar heater, which were both seen within the coding of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, Clinton said his vehicle is still in the process of being fully functional, and visualizations are currently broken except for lanes. He stated that a service appointment is set up for this week to fix several features and issues with the vehicle, including several Full Self-Driving suite options, including Autopark, Summon, and Navigate on Autopilot.

Initially, camera quality does not appear to be much different than previously. A few videos uploaded by Clinton show the quality, but there is not a huge improvement, some others agreed.

Tesla seems to be planning to implement HW4 in Model S and Model X vehicles initially. Model 3 and Model Y vehicles could have HW4 soon, as both vehicles are currently in the process of being revamped and refreshed by Tesla.

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