Foxconn brings EV battery production to two U.S. states

Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer that bailed out Lordstown Motors from bankruptcy, announced that it would build electric vehicle batteries in Wisconsin and Ohio on Thursday, hoping to take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act that incentivizes domestic cell manufacturing.

Foxconn has long been the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone, and in 2021, it became a staple in the EV space as it announced it would work with Lordstown Motors.

Lordstown sold its Ohio factory to the company in an effort to save it from extinction. The Asset Purchase Agreement was executed in November 2021, and essentially helped start production of the Endurance electric pickup.

The sale was finalized in May 2022.

Now, Foxconn is venturing into a widespread effort to produce batteries used to EVs and battery storage operations, according to company officials.

Foxconn Chairman Young Liu said today that the company would bring EV battery production to the United States (via Nikkei Asia):

“We will build capacity for battery cells and battery packages for energy storage systems in Wisconsin, while we will also build capacity for battery packages for whole cars in our Ohio facility.”

The move highlights companies bringing EV battery production to the U.S. in an effor to receive tax credits that are part of the Inflation Reduction Act. Local cell production is one of the key requirements of qualifying for at least a portion of the incentives is to build batteries in the United States.

Liu added that the IRA was a key part of Foxconn’s decision to manufacture locally.

“The timing for the IRA introduction is very good for us. We saw the opportunities in developing battery-related capacity. The U.S. government is also very supportive.”

Foxconn’s Ohio production will likely take place at the Lordstown Plant, while in Wisconsin it will occur at its plant in Mount Pleasant. The plant was supposed to begin production in late 2020, but the state has continued to deny the project’s tax subsidies. However, with the plans to build EV batteries on site, Foxconn could finally making more progress on the site’s construction.

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