Tesla Sweden sheds light on impact of IF Metall strike

Key Points

  • 📝 Tesla Sweden directly communicates with owners, addressing the impact of IF Metall’s strike on its operations.
  • 🚗 Tesla provides a brief history of its presence in Sweden, emphasizing its mission to accelerate the country’s transition to sustainable energy.
  • 🛠️ Despite the IF Metall strike challenges, Tesla assures owners that employees are working hard to maintain service levels at delivery centers, service centers, and stores.
  • 🤝 Tesla clarifies that more than 90% of its approximately 300 employees in Sweden have chosen not to join the strike and remain in their positions.
  • 📉 IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden has escalated, with recent disruptions such as dockworkers refusing to offload Tesla vehicles, impacting customer deliveries.
  • 👥 Some Tesla Sweden employees have criticized IF Metall’s claims about the company, while a few have joined the strike, estimated to be around 30 workers. The union reportedly offered payment to employees to join the strike.

Tesla Sweden sent letters directly to owners in the country, shedding some light on the impact of IF Metall’s strike on its operations. 

Tesla started the letter with a brief recap of its history in Sweden, including its establishment in 2013. It also reminded owners of its mission to accelerate Sweden’s transition to sustainable energy through its local partners, Tesla customers, and employees. 

Later in the letter, Tesla Sweden explains it is navigating through the challenges of IF Metall’s strike alongside its employees. The company assures owners that employees are working hard to continue their level of service at delivery centers, service centers, and stores despite the strike.

It also clarified a few key pieces of information about the IF Metal strike, like the percentage of employees that have joined the union in its efforts to force Tesla to enter into a collective agreement.

“Every day, our employees are encouraged to be creative and collaborate with other teams in order to offer an even higher customer experience. In return, they are rewarded with fair conditions and a good working environment.

“However, like many other companies, we have chosen not to enter a collective agreement. More than 90% of our employees have chosen to remain in their positions, ready to welcome you to our delivery centers, service centers, and stores,” Tesla Sweden wrote to owners. 

IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden has escalated over the past week. Recently, dockworkers in Sweden refused to offload Tesla vehicles, preventing customers from receiving their purchased cars. Tesla owners previously criticized IF Metall, as the strike has extended to the company’s workshops, making car service challenging. 

A few Tesla Sweden employees have also spoken against IF Metall’s strike, slamming some of the union’s claims about the company—particularly how it treats workers. However, a few Tesla Sweden have joined IF Metall’s strike, which is estimated to be around 30 workers. The union offered employees payment to join the strike.

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