Tesla FSD Beta completes LA to Silicon Valley trip with zero interventions

Tesla’s limited Full Self-Driving beta recently showcased its impressive capabilities by completing a drive from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley without any interventions from its driver. The test was accomplished not long after the FSD beta took a Model 3 driver from San Francisco to Los Angeles with no interference.

“This time was even better, since there was only one charging stop and the system was never disengaged at all from start to destination (except to plug in). The car was only under human control for one minute and 15 seconds out of a more than 5-hour drive,” the Whole Mars Catalog host explained.

On his YouTube page, Tesla Model 3 proprietor-enthusiast Whole Mars Catalog shared a time-lapse of his more than 5-hour trip. It appears that the Full Self-Driving beta and Autopilot are becoming more and more human-like, based on the actions of the Model 3 during the ride. In its maneuvers, the vehicle also seemed very careful, particularly when it used its Navigate on Autopilot feature on freeways.

What is particularly noteworthy about this recent drive is that the entire trip was done with no interruption whatsoever, except when the Model 3 needed to be charged for a brief stop at a Supercharger. This was also better than the results of the previous FSD demo from San Francisco to Los Angeles, which included the owner of the Model 3 interfering for a second after the vehicle ended the trip and crossed the LA border.

The Model 3 owner shared some of his thoughts about FSD and its constant state of change following his recent trip. “The fact that it made it all the way down to Los Angeles and then back up with zero intervention suggests that this is more than just luck. The software is getting better,” wrote the Tesla owner in the description of his YouTube video.

The advanced driver-assist system’s journey from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley was not flawless, similar to the limited FSD beta’s SF to LA ride. The FSD beta still committed some minor errors during the ride, but none that warranted the driver’s involvement.

Tesla’s limited Full Self-Driving beta has only been released for a few months, but the changes in the capabilities of the advanced driver-assist suite have been substantial. This is primarily due to the continuous stream of over-the-air updates from Tesla that include changes to the FSD beta, as well as the vast amount of real-world driving information collected every day by the growing Tesla fleet.

Watch Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta complete a ride without human interference from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley in the video below.

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