Tesla’s Latest FSD Update: A Game-Changer in Autonomous Driving v12.4.3

  • 🆕 Tesla has started rolling out its latest FSD Supervised update, v12.4.3, to some early access customers.
  • 🚫 V12.4.2 was paused due to low level of interventions and training focus issues, hence v12.4.3 is being rolled out instead.
  • 📹 Early users have shared videos of the new system in action, showcasing its performance.
  • 👤 FSD user Dave Lee reported the update brings smoother and more confident driving maneuvers, with fewer interventions required.
  • 👍 Lee described his experience with v12.4.3 as “the best FSD drive” he has taken, noting improvements in comparison to previous versions.

As Tesla continues to lead the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, their advancements in autonomous driving technology create waves of excitement and curiosity among tech enthusiasts and auto experts alike. The latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) Supervised update, v12.4.3, promises to deliver significant improvements over previous versions. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the new update, analyze feedback from early access users, and explore the potential future of autonomous driving.

The Evolution from v12.4.2 to v12.4.3

Why Was v12.4.2 Paused?

The transition from version 12.4.2 to 12.4.3 was not just a mere upgrade; it was a necessary step to address certain challenges. Tesla initially intended to roll out v12.4.2, but the update faced delays and was subsequently paused due to a low level of interventions and an overemphasis on training from intervention cases rather than normal driving scenarios. This setback led to the development and rollout of v12.4.3, designed to overcome these issues.

First Impressions and Reactions

Early Access Rollout

Elon Musk’s Tesla has always chosen a cautious, calculated approach to software rollouts. The new update, v12.4.3, has initially been made available to a select group of early access customers. This phased approach allows Tesla to gather valuable feedback and make further refinements before a broader release.

User Feedback and Performance Insights

Our first reservoir of insights comes from early users who have shared videos of the new FSD system in action. Most notably, FSD user Dave Lee offers a detailed analysis of the update. According to Lee, v12.4.3 exhibits a new level of smoothness and confidence, with more efficient and accurate driving maneuvers. Here are some key highlights from his experience:

  1. Smoothness and Confidence: Lee noted that the updated software felt significantly smoother and less hesitant during various driving scenarios.
  2. Reduced Interventions: One of the major improvements was the reduction of required interventions. Lee mentioned needing to press or tap the accelerator far less often than before.
  3. Overall Experience: Lee described his test drive with v12.4.3 as “probably the best FSD drive [he has] ever taken,” pointing to some awkward moments but generally a positive experience compared to past updates.

Detailed Breakdown of v12.4.3 Features

Enhanced Learning Algorithms

The new update focuses on improving the software’s ability to learn from a broader range of driving scenarios, not just intervention cases. This enhancement allows the system to perform more reliably and confidently in everyday driving conditions.

Improved Navigation and Decision-Making

The decision-making algorithms have been fine-tuned to enable smoother lane changes, better merging capabilities, and more accurate stopping distances.

Real-time Data Processing

One of the standout features of v12.4.3 is its enhanced capability to process real-time data, resulting in quicker and more accurate responses to road conditions and potential obstacles.

The Future of Tesla’s FSD: What’s Next?

As Tesla continues to refine and innovate its FSD technology, the implications for the future of autonomous driving are profound. Here are a few areas to watch:

  1. Full Autonomy: While v12.4.3 marks substantial progress, achieving full Level 5 autonomy—requiring no human intervention at all—remains the ultimate goal.
  2. Regulatory Approvals: As Tesla’s autonomous capabilities improve, gaining regulatory approval for widespread use will be crucial.
  3. Consumer Adoption: Enhanced safety, convenience, and driving experience will likely accelerate consumer adoption of FSD technologies.

Pros & Cons: Analyzing v12.4.3


  • Enhanced Smoothness: Users report a noticeably smoother driving experience.
  • Increased Confidence: The software’s decision-making abilities have improved, making it more reliable.
  • Reduced Interventions: Less need for driver intervention makes for a more pleasant driving experience.


  • Not Perfect Yet: Despite improvements, the system still has occasional awkward moments.
  • Limited Availability: Currently only available to a small group of early access users, delaying broader feedback.


Tesla’s latest FSD update, v12.4.3, signifies a considerable leap in the realm of autonomous driving technology. With smoother operations, more confident decision-making, and reduced intervention requirements, early users have voiced their positive experiences. As Tesla continues to innovate, we can expect the boundaries of what is possible in autonomous driving to expand even further. Stay tuned for more updates as Tesla’s journey towards fully autonomous driving advances.

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