Tesla’s new Supercharger map hints at aggressive expansion for 2021

An update to Tesla’s map for its Supercharger Network hints at a massive expansion coming this 2021. Based on the electric car maker’s Find Us map for this year, the Supercharger Network will be aggressively expanding in several areas across the globe on 2021, from the United States to other territories such as China. 

Tesla’s annual updates to its Supercharger Map provide a glimpse into the electric car maker’s intentions for its rapid-charging system. While a number of these Superchargers may be canceled due to factors such as property owners or utility companies, the sheer number of planned chargers for 2021 is notable nonetheless.

In the United States and Canada alone, Tesla’s Supercharger Map for 2021 suggests that a serious ramp of the charging stations will be initiated. Tesla noted back in early 2019 that over 99% of the US population was already covered by the Supercharger Network. This estimate would likely be extremely conservative by the end of this year. 

Tesla’s Supercharger ramp is evident in China as well, where planned stations could be seen across the country and its key cities. A good part of this is likely due to the deployment of a dedicated Supercharger production facility just a few miles away from Gigafactory Shanghai, which is expected to start operations early this year. 

The facility, which is expected to house a research and development center, is expected to produce about 10,000 Superchargers per year. This should allow Tesla to ramp its Supercharger expansion in China, and perhaps even in neighboring areas. The potential buildout of similar facilities, perhaps in other projects such as Gigafactory Berlin and Giga Texas, would likely allow Tesla’s rapid-charging network to become even more ubiquitous. 

Tesla’s Supercharger Network is arguably one of the electric car maker’s most underrated advantages in the EV market. Built at a time when Tesla was only producing the Model S in limited quantities, the Supercharger Network offers EV owners a convenient, affordable, and reliable charging infrastructure for long trips. This has made the Supercharger Network among the best available today, though Elon Musk has hinted at other electric cars using the charging network in the future as well.

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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