Tesla submits plans for massive Santa Monica Drive-in Theater Supercharger

Tesla has submitted plans for a massive Supercharger featuring a Drive-In Movie Theater and Restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

For several years, Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have talked about putting a unique Supercharger featuring an old-school drive-in with movies, a diner, and other entertainment in Santa Monica. Finally, after several delays and changes in plans, what is perhaps the world’s most unique station is finally making progress after Tesla filed plans for a new Supercharger last week, which features the restaurant with indoor seating, which sits in a two-story building with an elevator, bathrooms, and a movie theater.

The plans were first shared by @MarcoRPTesla on Twitter.

The site will sit at 7001/7003 W. Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, and sits on a .565-acre lot. The site will feature 34 Superchargers: 29 being V3 and the remaining 5 to be Level 2.

The plans also show that two movie screens will be placed in an area viewable by people Supercharging their cars or eating in a restaurant. The filing states:

“Finally, there will be two movie screens for viewing by people charging their cars and/or eating in the restaurant. The movies to be shown will be features lasting approximately the same amount of time as it takes to charge a vehicle (~30 minutes). The two screens will be on both North and West property lines of the site to allow people to view screens from their vehicles and from the roof top seating area. A decorative bamboo landscape screen will be planted on the property lines to frame both movie screens. The operational hours for the Drive-In movie theatre will be from 7am-11pm pursuant to the Commercial Corner standards.”


Originally, the Santa Monica Drive-In Supercharger was supposed to be located at 1401 and 1421-1425 Santa Monica Boulevard. The lot, which was at one time home to a Steve Taub Porsche-Audi, but this dealership closed down. For a couple of years, the lots were used to sell seasonal items like Christmas trees and Pumpkins for Halloween. That is until Tesla submitted their 2018 plans for a restaurant and drive-in movie theater. However, it would not be until 2021 that Tesla finally started making some progress with the site.

After Teslarati recovered renders of what the site might potentially look like in mid-2021, things started to come into question of whether Tesla would still build the drive-in Supercharger at this location.

Musk then commented in mid-February that Tesla would still be building the Supercharger, just in another location. It appeared that the other two lots did not have adequate space to house all of the features Tesla wanted, so the plans have finally been moved to another site, and perhaps the automaker’s long-awaited diner is finally on the way.

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