Tesla Giga Shanghai output will return to pre-lockdown levels by Tuesday

An internal memo sent to Tesla employees said the automaker plans to have production levels at its Gigafactory Shanghai production facility return to pre-lockdown levels by Tuesday. The plant faced a three-week hiatus in production in April after a surge of COVID-19 cases in the city caused government officials to determine a shutdown was appropriate.

Tesla’s daily output will return to 2,600 on Tuesday, according to the memo, which was seen by Reuters. The document said there were around 1,000 electric units produced on Monday, and the weekly output would move closer to 16,000 cars every seven days.

Since Tesla has resumed production in Shanghai, the automaker has struggled to get back to pre-shutdown production levels due to strict sanctions placed on the city and its residents to control the spread of disease. Tesla implemented an entire loop system when reopening the plant, which included some workers sleeping at the factory in between shifts. Tesla was given permission, along with other companies in Shanghai, to reopen as long as workers could be isolated to prevent the spread of the virus. The city also reopened a portion of the world’s longest subway system on Sunday, the report stated.

Tesla planned to return to normal production levels by May 16, but the target was moved due to the many limitations that were placed on the city and its people.

Additionally, this has made a substantial impact on workforces in the area. Tesla, along with other companies in the Shanghai region, has been short on workers, as well as restricted with parts due to supply chain issues in scaled back production due to the shutdowns.

The shutdowns have affected Tesla tremendously, especially as Shanghai was the biggest producer of the company’s vehicles last year accounting for 51.7 percent of the company’s total deliveries in 2021. However, the shutdowns affected Tesla greatly in April, as the automaker saw a massive drop in sales with just 1,512 units. In March, Tesla sold 65,754 units from the Shanghai facility.

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