Tesla owners hold stunning Cybertruck-inspired light show

  • 🚀 Tesla owners gathered for the 2023 Tesla Takeover, featuring a massive Cybertruck-inspired synchronized light show.
  • 🚗 The event aims to bring electric vehicle owners together and welcomes other electric cars such as Aptera, Rivian, Porsche, and Lucid.
  • 🎉 The 2023 Tesla Takeover offers attractions for kids, including bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, face painting, and balloon artists.

When Tesla owners gather for an event like the 2023 Tesla Takeover, remarkable moments are bound to occur. The event’s opening was particularly memorable, showcasing an impressive synchronized light show inspired by the Cybertruck.

Aerial images and footage captured during the performance reveal that many of the participating Teslas were strategically positioned to form the outline of the Cybertruck, creating a visually stunning display. While the drone footage lacked audio, the 2023 Tesla Takeover’s Eventbrite page indicates that the light show was synchronized to the music of “The Final Countdown.”

The Tesla Takeover is an event that’s designed to bring electric vehicle owners together. This is the third year for the event, and about 2,300 attendees are expected to visit, far more than the 1,300 or so visitors from last year. The event is happening at the Madonna Inn, which is quite popular with Tesla owners in the area. 

The 2023 Tesla Takeover is not only for adults. The event’s page notes that there will also be several events and attractions that are specifically geared toward kids, such as bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, face painting, and balloon artists. It should also be noted that while the majority of the vehicles in the event will be Teslas, other electric cars are welcome as well., 

In fact, other electric vehicles such as Aptera, Rivian, Porsche, and Lucid were also expected for the event. In a comment, Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley President and longtime EV advocate John Stringer noted that the 2023 Tesla Takeover seems to be the biggest yet. 

“It’s just the passion for Tesla when you drive these amazing vehicles, it really does change the way you look at what a car should be. But the Tesla community is very unique and different. I mean, people literally are coming to this event from all over the world,” Stringer said

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