Tesla preps for Cybertruck paint, perhaps ditching wraps

Tesla is preparing Cybertruck production with job postings that indicate the vehicle will be available in different colors, perhaps ditching past indications from CEO Elon Musk that had some ready to be able to wrap the truck in any color or pattern.

Tesla has seven positions listed at its Gigafactory Texas facility that show the company is hiring for various roles for the Cybertruck’s paint operations.

In the past, it was relatively unknown what the Cybertruck would be offered in, as Musk had said the vehicle could be wrapped “in any color or pattern.”

According to the filings, Tesla will use an automated system for its Cybertruck paint shop, but several positions still have yet to be filled. These include a Production Supervisor, Production Associate Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Equipment Engineer, Process Engineer, Automation Engineer, and Controls Engineer, all having to do with the Paint operation for the truck.

While many have thought the stainless steel truck would only be available in its standard appearance, Musk said that the Cybertruck would be available to wrap in any design the owner chose.

However, no additional details had been mentioned, but Tesla has worked extremely hard on improving its paint shops in the U.S. market, a major point of weakness for the automaker over the past few years.

Tesla first launched a world-class paint shop in Germany at Gigafactory Berlin and launched several new colors as well. In the United States, Tesla launched Ultra Red earlier this month, and it was the first new color Tesla offered in quite a few years.

In terms of the Cybertruck, it will be interesting to see what colors Tesla will make available to owners, although Musk indicated the vehicle would be available in a Matte Black several years ago. This was just after Tesla unveiled the truck in 2019.

Wraps seem to be a less logical option as it would require Tesla to utilize more space of Gigafactory Texas for it, so it appears the automaker will use paint to allow drivers to customize their all-electric trucks.

There was also talk about heating the Cybertruck to specific colors, as the tempered steel can be manipulated with heat. This doesn’t seem to be in the cards, at least not currently.

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