Elon Musk Says Tesla’s Battery Day Will Include ‘Many Exciting Things’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted a potentially cryptic message to fans promising ‘many exciting things to be unveiled’ during September’s ‘Battery Day.’ Never one to avoid the free publicity on a social platform like Twitter, Musk has a documented history of speaking broadly about developments at Tesla, while many times hinting to announcements in subtle ways.

Founded in 2003, Tesla has become the worldwide leader in electric vehicles. With four current models in production, it has produced over one million electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 being the world’s best selling plug-in electric of all time. In addition to vehicles, Tesla develops and manufactures battery pack storage. Musk recently announced that Tesla would be having a ‘Battery Day’ in less than two weeks, offering the public a glimpse into the technologies evolving behind the EV curtain.

According to the Tweet directly from Elon Musk, ‘exciting things’ are on the Tesla horizon. At a quick glance, there’s not much substance to the Tweet compared to some of Musk’s previous statements. Regardless of how much or how little Musk has shared, one can bet that Musk and Tesla fans alike are dissecting every single word for hints about what might possibly be revealed come Battery Day. It’s entirely possible that Musk is just keeping the 9/22 event on people’s radar by Tweeting vaguely about it, but that’s not his usual style. There’s also a chance Tesla had a confirmed breakthrough that will be ready to showcase in two weeks, and Musk is too giddy about it to not say something, even if it reveals nothing… yet.

What To Expect When You Have No Idea What To Expect

Tesla has always had a flair for the dramatic, overpromising but always overdelivering. Especially when it comes to live reveals of its products. Last year during the debut of the Cybertruck, Musk nonchalantly introduced an electric four wheeler to match, that has the ability to drive straight into the bed of the Cybertruck and charge itself. While many of the rumors circulating agree that Tesla will not be revealing a new addition to its vehicle line, the potential for manufacturing batteries as well as vehicles is huge. Last week, outside of a new Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, Musk revealed that new processes for how its vehicle structures were built would be revolutionized, starting with its Model Y. Musk went on to affirm that the company will be streamlining the building process by using more solid pieces and less welding, saving time, money and structural integrity.

All speculation about body work aside, Tesla’s event has to be called Battery Day for a reason. While the numbers pertaining to potential performance vary, many rumor mills agree that Tesla is sitting on multiple breakthroughs in not only how quickly and affordably it can manufacture its batteries, but how increased their longevity and power has recently become. This could lead to immense evolution in the automotive world and possibly propel Tesla ahead of the pack even further.

Just this week, Tesla competitor Lucid Motors unveiled its first EV sedan called the Air, to much acclaim. The Air offers groundbreaking technology in battery distance, charge rate, and overall power, challenging Tesla in several ways. It’s fair to say Musk and Tesla engineers have been quietly watching, and more than likely have big plans to reveal their own breakthroughs in EV technology with hopes to steal back the spotlight as the benchmark for electric vehicle innovation. Until then, everyone will have to wait for Tesla’s Battery Day, but not without analyzing every little hint Musk decides to share with the world, most likely on Twitter.

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