Elon Musk’s Neuralink Project to share progress update this summer

On August 28, Elon Musk’s AI-meets-human-brain company Neuralink will get some form of announcement.

This was announced on Twitter by the CEO itself, without providing any further information.

“If you can’t beat em, join em,” he tweeted, saying that’s Neuralink’s “mission statement.”

Last year, Neuralink had an event in San Francisco. The company had resembling a product yet, but it shared its progress with inserting electrodes into monkey and human brains.

It is worth noting that since that event, the company’s official Twitter account hasn’t tweeted at all, and there’s now no official announcement of any kind.

Founded in 2017, Neuralink has a goal to build “ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers,” although this will likely not happen in the very near future. The idea is to first build an implant that can benefit people with certain brain disorders, such as a stroke or cancer lesion, and then refine the technology to make it useable for people without disabilities — Musk himself said it’s around a decade away. Ultimately, the tech should allow people to mix their brains fully with artificial intelligence, which sounds scary, but Musk thinks it’s inevitable.

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