Elon Musk recognized as “Industry Newsmaker of the Year” in All-Stars Awards

The industry publication Automotive News, which honored the Tesla CEO as one of the few people who found a way to build traction in a year that was difficult for many people, honors Elon Musk as the Industry Newsmaker of the Year.

When other businesses struggled to expand in their respective industries, Tesla and SpaceX both used 2020 as a year of “no excuses,” marking unprecedented rises in value and momentum. Musk’s 2020 has gone well beyond cars and rocketships, and the CEO of Tesla has launched an EDM track, a bottle of highly popular Tequila, fathered a newborn, launched a global satellite internet service, and pushed his Neuralink project into relevance with new technologies that were outlined earlier this year in a company event. For Musk, who has used the pandemic as an inspiration to push the planet into the future and build new technologies that will improve the effectiveness of our lives in every facet.

Perhaps Musk’s greatest achievement in 2020 was the steady and consistent growth of Tesla on Wall Street, which made business investors extremely wealthy. The price of TSLA was just over $86 per share during the company’s first trading day in 2020. Today, at its highest point, the stock has soared to over $600 a share, and its momentum all has to do with the impact on the rest of the automotive industry of the once-failing business that struggled to hold its doors open 12 short years ago.

Tesla has succeeded in proving that the only way to drive would ultimately be electric vehicles, and legacy car companies are starting to recognize that their manufacturing lines need to transition to alternative modes of transport. Musk is definitely conscious of his businesses’ influence and has stated during some interviews that the success of Tesla in the automotive sector speaks for itself.

“I must be doing something right, as far as my managing style’s concerned. Tesla’s worth twice as much as the rest of the U.S. auto industry combined,” he said to Automotive News.

The value of Tesla has been influenced by its continuous developments in automotive technology, including batteries, and its constantly increasing presence in international markets. Tesla is constructing the second phase of its already operating Giga Shanghai facility to keep up with demand outside the U.S. and is getting closer to the first production push at the Giga Berlin plant in Germany. While these two facilities will supply automobiles to some of the world’s most populated automotive markets, Tesla is also constructing a new Texas plant to further boost demand in the United States.

In addition, Tesla has pushed the first versions of the “zero-intervention” Full Self Driving suite a Beta release to a select group of owners. The update solidified the identity of Tesla as the pioneer in semi-autonomous driving. Thanks to the work of the Autopilot and Artificial Intelligence teams, the company plans to release more stable and comprehensive versions of the system as it develops.

The relentless and tireless work of Musk to accelerate the transition of the planet to renewable energy has made Tesla the most valuable car business on Earth. Tesla holds the keys to becoming the most profitable company on Earth with more innovations on the way, including a $25,000 car in the next few years, a more affordable battery by in-house production, and increasingly accurate FSD launches, as every aspect of the company strives to change life as we know it for the better.

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