Tesla’s Driver Assist System ranks top in China

In a test conducted in China by the motoring group 42HOW, a Tesla Model 3 and its Autopilot system won the top ranking, among a list of 11. Overall, the advanced driver assistance system of the Tesla Model 3 earned a total score of 283 points, leading to a substantial difference with the second-place holder, the BMW X5, which had a total score of 208.

The gap between Tesla and BMW speaks volumes, especially given that instead of newer firmware, the Model 3 was running software 2020.24.6.4. 42HOW verified that HW 3.0 was fitted with the Model 3 and had complete self-driving software from Tesla. Simple Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot were used during the evaluation.

42HOW gave the cars scores for eight categories which are roughly translated below.

  1. Driving ability while in a congested road.
  2. Driving when met with special or unique circumstances
  3. Auxiliary lane changes
  4. Ability to execute curves
  5. Human-computer interaction
  6. Automatic Parking
  7. Night driving
  8. Driving ability whit it is raining

For a test ranking of automated driver-assist systems (ADAS), 42HOW’s emphasis and categories seem fitting and each tends to carry the same weight in the overall score. In its first Assisted Driving Grading system, Customer Reports and Euro-NCAP scored Tesla’s ADAS using very distinct metrics.

In the past, Tesla did not claim to have lost the top position in Europe and North America because certain categories weighed more than others. In the United States, Consumer Reports rated Tesla’s ADAS a “distant second” to GM’s Super Cruise, deducting several points from the lack of human monitoring features of Autopilot. Tesla was heavily penalized by Euro NCAP and Thatcham Research in Europe for calling its ADAS “Autopilot,” resulting in Autopilot ranking 6th out of 10 systems.

With 42HOW rankings, except for automatic parking and driving on congested roads, the Tesla Model 3 scored highest in all categories. A good number of Tesla owners have commented that the Autopark feature of the company still needs some work. In each area, the performance of the Tesla Model 3 on congested roads can differ. Roads could be more congested in China or other Southeast Asian nations than roads in North America and Europe.

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