Fisker Introduces Pear Electric Car with Smart Features and Affordable Sub-$30K Price

Key Points

  • 😲 Fisker unveiled the Pear, a six-seat hatchback, as its weapon in the affordable EV race.
  • πŸ” The vehicle’s name, “Pear,” stands for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.”
  • 🏭 The car will be built on Fisker’s SLV-1 platform using the Steel++ development process with 35% fewer parts than competitors.
  • πŸš— The Pear features a bench seat in front, allowing it to carry six passengers.
  • 🎩 The car has a “Houdini Trunk,” a hideaway lift gate, and a frunk (Fisker calls it a “Froot”).
  • πŸ’° Despite its clever features, the Pear’s starting price is $29,900 before federal tax incentives.
  • πŸ›‹οΈ The vehicle offers “Lounge Mode” for adjusting the seats for maximum comfort.
  • πŸ“… The Fisker Pear is expected to be available starting mid-2025.

Fisker, the electric vehicle manufacturer, has revealed its entry into the competitive affordable EV market with the unveiling of the Pear. With Tesla’s upcoming next-gen platform and Volkswagen’s ID.2, Fisker aims to make the electric vehicle segment even more intriguing.

The name “Pear” is an acronym for “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution,” as stated by CEO Henrik Fisker. The vehicle will be built on the company’s SLV-1 platform and employ the innovative Steel++ development process, which reduces the number of parts by 35% compared to other electric cars in its class, although specific details about the Steel++ process were not provided.

The Pear boasts a range of clever features, including the ability to seat six passengers with a variant featuring a front bench seat. It also includes a “Houdini Trunk,” a retractable lift gate that facilitates easy loading and unloading in tight spaces. Additionally, the vehicle has a front trunk or “Froot,” adding a playful touch to its features.

Designed by Henrik Fisker, the Pear exhibits his signature flourishes despite its appealing starting price of $29,900 before federal tax incentives. It comes equipped with a wraparound windshield, sculptural exterior design, and futuristic LED lighting, making it an attractive option in the sub-$30,000 price range. The Pear also offers “Lounge Mode,” allowing owners to adjust the seats for maximum comfort.

However, eager buyers will have to wait for the Pear, as it is expected to be available from mid-2025, around the same time Volkswagen is slated to release the ID.2 and Tesla’s next-gen car from Gigafactory Mexico is likely to debut.

Watch Fisker’s unveiling of the Pear in the video below.Β 

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