Tesla Autopilot is misunderstood again by Consumer Reports

Critics and the general public often misinterpret Tesla Autopilot. Active driving-assistance systems from different manufacturers were recently evaluated by Consumer Reports (CR). However, the findings only reinforced the information deficit by the agency when it came to high-tech applications, such as Autopilot.

Tesla Autopilot is a suite of Tesla’s advanced driver assistance system functions, including lane centering, traffic-conscious cruise control , self-parking, automatic lane changes, semi-autonomous navigation on limited-access freeways, and the ability to call the car from a garage or parking spot.

The list of capabilities indicates that the Autopilot of Tesla is far more advanced than any other device that exists. The CR research, however, was not really aimed at deciding the best active driver-assistance system, as can be understood from the findings.

CR suggested that their testers looked at the performance of each of the 17 car systems in five particular categories: capacity and performance, engagement of the driver, ease of use, simple when safe to use, and unresponsive driver. As you can see from the list, there was a lot of attention paid not to testing the assistance systems, but rather to their ability to hold the attention of the driver on the lane. This is very significant, but it can not become a criterion for assessing successful systems of driver assistance. We should all, therefore, look at the outcomes of this analysis, including this crucial point.

Tesla Autopilot took first place in the most relevant category, which is the only one that can assess the real capabilities of active driver-assistance systems — capabilities and performance.

Source: CR

It should also be noted that there is a remark to the winner of the CR-the Cadillac Super Cruise-that should raise serious questions about his victory. Laser-radar (Lidar) maps are used by Cadillac, which ensures that the car can only determine its position if it is up-to-date. In reality, if the terrain is unfamiliar with the method, it will not be in a position to provide assistance, which raises concerns about its feasibility. Importantly, if the road being used is not in line with the regulations — for example, due to construction — let alone if the car ends up in an unknown area, Super Cruise will not become accessible to the driver.

On the other hand, with Tesla Autopilot, the system has the advanced ability to learn on the fly and adapt to any driving situation, exchanging data with the entire fleet of Tesla vehicles. When considering a car with a driver-assistance system, you want advanced, with a safety record that speaks for itself. That’s what makes Autopilot the premier, most high-tech choice.

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