Tesla Semi production line at new Nevada building is coming up with a goal of 5 electric trucks per week

Tesla is building a new Tesla Semi production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant, and it plans to produce five electric trucks per week, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Over the last few weeks, we have been trying to gauge the situation regarding Tesla Semi production after some vague comments by Elon Musk about the program being constrained by battery cell production.

Now, we are getting some clarity through reliable sources.

Last year, Electrek reported that Tesla took over a large more than 500,000 square feet building in the industrial park where Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is located.

At the time, we couldn’t be sure about the automaker’s plan for the building, but we had indications that it had to do with Tesla Semi production.

Now, we can confirm that the building, which sits at 550 Milan Drive (pictured above) next to another building used as a warehouse by Tesla, is housing a new production line for Tesla Semi currently being deployed by the automaker.

Reliable sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla is currently building a low-volume Tesla Semi production line in the building.

Once completed, they expect a production capacity of five Tesla Semi electric trucks per week.

The plan is still for volume production to happen at Gigafactory Austin once Tesla can also ramp up battery cell production there.

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