Tesla Roadster joins Matchbox’s new line of sustainable toy cars

Playing with Matchbox or HotWheels toys is likely to have ignited the passion for cars in almost every automotive enthusiast on the planet. For decades, these companies’ lightweight, inexpensive miniature cars have cultivated automotive enthusiasts. Matchbox is now introducing a new range of toys aimed at increasing awareness of the environmental effects of motoring among children.

Matchbox has chosen the next-generation Tesla Roadster as the trailblazer of its latest collection of toys to lead the charge. The miniature Roadster is made entirely of recycled materials, making it a highly eco-friendly product. The car is also packaged in an FSC-certified box that details the benefits of electric vehicles.

Credit: Mattel

The Tesla Roadster will eventually be followed by Matchbox models of sustainable vehicles from Nissan, Toyota, and BMW. This isn’t all; Matchbox is also planning to release scaled-down EV charging stations as companion accessories to its latest toy line. This product, which is expected to be released later this year, will eventually be a viable substitute for the Matchbox gas station sets currently on the market.

Nuria Alonso, head of Matchbox marketing for EMEA, told Reuters that the company wanted to collaborate with Tesla to encourage children to adopt and become accustomed to sustainable transportation. The introduction of the new vehicle line is part of Matchbox’s upcoming overhaul in the United Kingdom and Europe, which is owned by toy giant Mattel.

Credit: Mattel

“We are unveiling a concept car, just like the real car industry does. We wanted to work with Tesla to inspire kids as the future drivers of tomorrow. We think their parents will love to see how their kids play with cars that encourage environmental consciousness, like electric cars,” Alonso said. 

Matchbox is a veteran of the toy industry, having been established nearly 70 years ago. Matchbox produces around 40 million die-cast cars each year, and if the company’s latest electric vehicle range is a success, the toymaker might play a significant role in ensuring that electric vehicles are seen as the norm by the next generation of drivers, just as cars with combustion engines are today.

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