Tesla Model S helps out Rivian R1T stuck in snow

On snowy roads, even the best off-roaders available in the market today can find themselves stuck and unable to move. Thankfully for a Rivian R1T that found itself in such a situation, a Tesla Model S was around to give a helping hand. 

A video of the all-electric premium sedan’s feat was shared on Twitter by the Tesla East Bay Fremont group. The short clip, which was also shared by @clean_myp and @TeslaClubSoCal on Instagram, showed a Tesla Model S towing a Rivian R1T in reverse. 

The Rivian R1T is a pretty heavy car, weighing in at 7,173 pounds. Despite this, and regardless of some wheel spin on the part of the Tesla Model S when it started pulling, the all-electric sedan was able to help the all-electric pickup truck get out of its tricky situation. 

There are quite a number of reasons why the Model S was able to rescue the R1T. Part of it is the Model S’ all-wheel-drive system, which is pretty capable in its own right. The all-electric premium sedan is a fairly heavy car as well, weighing in at 4,766 pounds in its Plaid variant. 

While the Model S’ “rescue” of the R1T may suggest that Tesla enthusiasts are taking a victory lap at Rivian’s expense, the reactions to the short video have been quite positive. Users on Twitter, for one, noted that electric vehicle owners seem to have each others’ backs, especially during inclement weather. 

Perhaps the most interesting part of the video lies in the question of how a vehicle like the Rivian R1T got stuck in the snow in the first place. The all-electric pickup truck, after all, is an adventure vehicle, and it’s designed to conquer all sorts of terrain. Simply put, it takes a lot to get the R1T stuck and unable to move. 

Considering the fact that the Rivian was high-centered on the snow, however, then perhaps the situation was caused by a driver who was just a tad bit too enthusiastic about the R1T’s capabilities in the snow

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