Tesla Megapack battery project in Moss Landing nears completion

Tesla’s large Megapack battery installation is approaching completion in Moss Landing. A recent drone flyover of the site showed that most of the batteries on the grid scale have already been set up. With this progress in mind, it would not be shocking if the Moss Landing Megapack reached its completion goal of early 2021 and complete deployment target of Q2 2021.

The video of the site was shared on YouTube by EKMMetering, who called the system one of the largest energy storage facilities in the world. When done, the Moss Landing Megapack will be an 182.5 MW / 730 MWh facility, dwarfing projects such as the Hornsdale Power Reserve, which for some time held the crown of the world’s largest battery.

256 grid-scale battery units will form the Moss Landing Megapack farm, virtually all of which have already been set up at their designated position on the site. The batteries are set up on 33 concrete slabs at PG&E’s Moss Landing electric substation. The large Megapack farm, once deployed, is expected to help meet the region’s peak energy demands, storing excess solar and wind power produced when demand is low.

This energy, particularly during periods when solar and wind are not available, can then be used as demand picks up. Ultimately, the battery is projected to provide PG&E with savings worth around $100 million over the approximate 20-year lifetime of the plant.

Considering the size of the system, the speed of the Moss Landing battery installation was fast, partly because of the integrated controller, inverter, and BMS of the Megapacks. Provided that each Megapack comes fully installed from the factory with up to 3 MWh of storage and 1.5 MW of inverter power, it is possible to complete even large-scale installations quickly.

Watch a recent flyover of the Moss Landing Megapack installation in the video below. 

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