Tesla Insurance poised for imminent launch in several new US states

Tesla seems to be hitting its stride with the rollout of its in-house insurance service, with the electric car maker looking to expand the business outside California. The first of these new states are Texas, Illinois, and Washington. 

Tesla Insurance was launched in 2019 partly as a way to provide electric vehicle owners with an insurance option that is fair and tailored for sustainable cars. The service is available in California for now, though Tesla executives have noted that there are plans to expand the service to the rest of the United States. Tesla has also set the pieces for a rollout to other countries such as Israel, China, and several areas in Europe. 

State National Insurance Company underwrites Tesla Insurance in California. 

Recent updates from S&P Global Market Intelligence reveal that Texas and Illinois’ insurance regulators have already approved the rates and policies for Tesla Insurance. On the other hand, Washington state has approved the initial forms for the local rollout of Tesla’s in-house insurance service. 

As per a report from Forbes, Tesla is planning to issue its in-house insurance service in Texas through Redpoint County Mutual Insurance. In Illinois, Tesla will be partnering with Midvale Indemnity Co., a firm that stands as a subsidiary of American Family Insurance. Filings with Washington regulators from earlier this year note that Tesla is looking to tap Homesite Insurance Co., another American Family Insurance subsidiary, for its in-house insurance rollout in Washington. 

So far, Tesla Insurance coverage has not formally started in Texas, Illinois, or Washington. Though considering that the service has been approved by reguators in TX and IL, it may only be a matter of time before Tesla formally launches its insurance business in the two states. 

Tesla Insurance may be a small part of the company’s business for now, but Tom Super, vice president of insurance intelligence at market research company J.D. Power, has noted that the service has the potential to be a disruptor on its own. In a statement to the publication, Super remarked that Tesla’s in-house insurance service could “represent a viable long-term threat” to traditional and veteran auto insurance firms like Allstate and Geico.

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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