Tesla Giga New York employees get shoutout for Supercharger ramp

With the Supercharger Network now being opened to non-Tesla vehicles, the need for more Supercharger installations has never been greater. Fortunately, Tesla has a dedicated team producing Superchargers, and their work speaks for itself. 

Tesla recently highlighted the contributions of Giga New York’s Supercharger production team to the company’s ramp of its rapid charging network. In a recent set of posts on Twitter, Tesla highlighted how its work on Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) had made a notable difference in the installation of its charging network. With prefabricated Superchargers, buildouts now only take days, not weeks

Tesla then took the opportunity to give credit to the team behind the ramp of the company’s PSUs — Gigafactory New York. As per the electric vehicle maker, over half of the more than 40,000 Superchargers that have been built across the globe so far have been produced by Giga New York’s 2,000-person Supercharger production team. Considering the rapid ramp of the Supercharger Network, the work that Giga New York’s team has been doing is nothing short of incredible. 

But apart from their impressive production speed, Tesla also mentioned that Giga New York is currently producing Supercharger V4 units, the company’s next-generation rapid chargers. The team is also producing Megachargers, which are used for the Tesla Semi, the electric vehicle maker’s Class 8 all-electric truck with a 500-mile range. Considering the important work being done at Giga New York, it’s quite good to see the team behind the milestones get some well-deserved commendation. 

Giga New York has been the subject of news reports as of late due in part to controversies arising following a unionization attempt at the plant. Last month, Tesla was accused of terminating Giga New York employees who were attempting to form a union. The electric vehicle maker denied the allegations, stating that the terminations in question were not in any way affected by the employees’ unionization attempt. Instead, they were the result of a regular performance review cycle across all its facilities worldwide. 

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