Tesla to produce 1M cars per year in Giga Berlin with no increase in water consumption: report

Seemingly as a means to address concerns and criticism before they are even expressed, an initial application from Tesla has suggested that Giga Berlin’s vehicle production for 1 million cars per year can be accomplished with the same water consumption. Giga Berlin’s water consumption has been a point of criticism from opponents for years. 

Tesla reportedly submitted its initial application for the planned expansion of Giga Berlin to Brandenburg on Wednesday. The application relates to Tesla’s plans to change and expand its existing factory premises. With the planned improvements, Giga Berlin should be able to produce vehicles at roughly double the plant’s capacity today. 

A spokesman for the LfU has noted that Tesla’s initial application references the company’s plans to increase its production capacity from 500,000 to 1 million vehicles per year in the future. It should be noted, however, that Giga Berlin is yet to hit a run rate of 500,000 vehicles per year at its current pace. The application was reportedly confirmed by Tesla on Wednesday, as noted in a report from rbb24

Interestingly enough, Tesla has noted that has “optimized planning and production processes in such a way that the amounts of fresh water previously used as a basis and contractually agreed are also sufficient for this expansion.” This is an important statement, as the electric vehicle maker is suggesting that it could produce 1 million vehicles with the same water that it takes to produce 500,000. Tesla reportedly noted that this is achievable through the complete treatment and reuse of wastewater that’s generated during the vehicle production process. 

The issue of Giga Berlin’s’ water consumption has been a pain point for the company since the facility’s construction. Critics have argued that the area lacks water and Giga Berlin threatens the water supply of residents. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, during an early visit to the Giga Berlin site, explained that the facility would be doing what it could to reduce and optimize its water consumption. Musk also stated that the EV maker will be recycling as much water as “humanly possible.” Tesla’s recent application for Giga Berlin’s expansion shows that the company indents to stay true to the CEO’s words. 

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