Tesla Giga 5: Tulsa offers free pizza and Austin approves tax incentives

The newest in Tesla’s next Gigafactory continuing tale include choosing free pizza or tax incentives. Of course, Tulsa is likely to deliver more than just free pizza.

Mazzio’s, a local pizzeria, wanted to sweeten the pot to entice Tesla to pick Tulsa. Mazzio’s made a delicious deal that will give free pizza to Tesla employees if Tulsa is chosen for next factory. “Mazzio’s has called Tulsa home for nearly 60 years and we want to extend a warm Tulsa welcome to the Tesla employees if we are chosen,” said Lori Carver, CEO and Mazzio’s LLC President. “Tulsa would be a great choice for Tesla because we know first-hand how well the people in this area support our businesses and that’s part of what makes this area so attractive.”

Tulsa’s love for Tesla was shared throughout Twitter and the city was very vocal about Tesla’s support and hope of being selected for the new Gigafactory. The famous icon of Tulsa, the Golden Driller, which is an oilman’s statue, has even been recast into Elon Musk. “Elon” wore the Tesla logo on his chest in the same way as Superman wears his famous “S.” Mayor G.T. Bynum wants Tesla to join forces with Tulsa to change the world, and even promised to buy Cybertrucks for police cars. Also, Tesla Tulsa has a good sound and identical spelling in the event no one has heard. (Note from the Editor: And the typos “Tusla” and “Telsa” are similarly easy to make)

Earlier this month, Tesla’s director of policy and government affairs, Elon Musk and Craig Hulse, were invited to meet with the governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, on Independence Day. The possibility of locating a Tesla factory in the area, rather than a location near Austin, Texas, was up for discussion.

When it comes to seducing Tesla and Elon Musk, Tulsa is not messing around. “We really want Tesla bad. We really, really, really want them and are going to do everything we possibly can to lure them here,” said Mike Neal, President and CEO of the Regional Chamber of Tulsa.

Giga Austin Approved Tax Incentives & Land Use

Last month, Tesla applied to the Del Valle Independent School District for its possible gigafactory there and requested tax incentives of $68 million. Del Valle ISD approved certain tax incentives on Thursday. It will allow Tesla to build on the land of the school district a 4 to 5 million-square – foot plant. KXAN noted that the location will be at the intersection of State Highway 130 and Harold Green Road and will be located approximately 2,100 acres away.

If Tesla selects the Austin area, estimated investments will be approximately $1.1 billion, making this possibly the largest Austin economic development project in a decade. If all approvals are fast-tracked by July 31st at the latest, Tesla may soon start construction. Austonia asked a source familiar with the way Tesla does business and the response was that there is lost revenue for every day of lost production. “It’s just the way business looks at it.”

Ed Latson, Austin Regional Manufacturers Association’s executive director, told Austin Business Journal in a statement, “Tesla opening a factory in Southeast Austin will be transformative for Central Texas by adding another layer of diversification and resilience to our economy. It will create high-paying jobs that provide opportunity to all educational backgrounds, from PhDs to GEDs. And it should be a magnet for an entire ecosystem of businesses and suppliers that support automotive plants and their employees.”

Seeing pizza as another attraction from Tulsa may make you feel a bit hungry, but seeing two American cities and states recognize the value of Tesla, is refreshing for the next gigafactory. Particularly because both countries are well recognized oil states. Though both get their feet planted in green energy programs, it’s hard to shake the stigma of being synonymous with big oil. Being in your state with a Tesla gigafactory will definitely help shake that reputation. Whatever State wins, it will be a win for America, not just for clean energy or the state alone. Tesla is both a job creator and a leader in pushing the technology forward. Any state should take pride in having Tesla as one of its creators of jobs.

Reported by CleanTechnica.

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