Tesla to skip FSD Beta 9.3 release this week, will go straight to V10 instead

Elon Musk stated that Tesla might release FSD Beta 10 next week, which means that V9.3 would not be rolled out this week.

“We should be there with Beta 10, which goes out a week from Friday (no point release this week),” replied Elon Musk to an inquiry about public FSD beta on Twitter.

Based on one of Musk’s recent interactions on Twitter, FSD beta 10 may bring Tesla closer to releasing the public beta button. Musk has teased the FSD beta button for months now but it still hasn’t been released.

“It will have a completely retrained NN, so will need another few weeks after that for tuning & bug fixes. Best guess is public beta button in ~4 weeks,” Musk noted.

Based on Elon Musk’s announcements, Tesla will skip the release of FSD Beta 9.3 and go straight for FSD Beta 10. On Tuesday, Musk noted that FSD Beta 9.3 was “much improved,” compared to FSD Beta 9.2, which he said was “not great.”

Hopefully, FSD Beta 10 meets Musk’s expectations. He noted that the Autopilot/AI was “rallying to improve as fast as possible” earlier this week. Tesla AI Day showed just how hard the Autopilot/AI team have been and continue to work. So even if the FSD Beta button is a little late, one thing is certain — when it does get released, it will be worth the wait.

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