Tesla FSD Beta continues to impress with nighttime driving montage

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite continues to improve its performance without any human intervention when navigating the streets. A recent video shows a Model 3 with self-driving software operating through the streets of the Bay Area in Northern California with incredible precision, all during nightfall, making its performance even more exceptional.

A video from the Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel shows Model 3 operating from Oracle Park to Crissy Field with improved precision. Not only can Tesla manage to maneuver without any difficulties through the slim and slender streets of the Bay Area, but it even stops at several different traffic lights accurately and safely when driving alongside other cars.

Additionally, the dark but clear conditions required additional precision from Tesla’s self-driving system. The dark conditions, however, did not provide the Tesla with much adversity, navigating several challenging turns and difficult traffic scenarios without the driver having to interfere.

On October 20th, Tesla’s FSD Beta was issued to a small group of owners, with many of the self-driving tech recipients being well-known fans of the company’s products. Many of the owners who are using FSD Beta have documented and posted their experiences in order to spread knowledge and show the capabilities of the self-driving system. Tesla drivers are experiencing increased confidence in exploring previously uncharted territory as the software continues to evolve with the assistance of the Neural Net.

The FSD Beta testers have been faced with some of the most challenging roads in the world, including Lombard Street in San Francisco. Although the Beta program’s output was not an A grade, it indicated that the road would be just another challenge for vehicles in the future with changes and the collection of more data.

FSD Beta testers will continue to question the capabilities of the car for now, which will eventually lead to performance improvements. In the future, the FSD suite will be rolled out to more owners, as CEO Elon Musk expects a broader release to arrive before the end of 2020. For those who do not yet have the capability, it is available via the Tesla Mobile App for purchase at the price of $10,000.

Watch the video below from the Whole Mars Catalog. Be sure to check out their other Tesla FSD Beta videos, as their account regularly uploads demonstration videos.

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