Tesla FSD beta navigates San Francisco’s famed Lombard Street and its 8 hairpin turns

Tesla’s limited FSD beta has proven to be very impressive since being released to its first batch of testers, navigating different areas, from unpaved roads to narrow streets, without any problems. What’s even more impressive is that, as noted by Tesla owners who are currently testing the device, the FSD beta seems to be improving at a rapid pace.

That being said, it’s still very interesting to see how far the limited FSD beta could be pushed, especially when faced with one of the steepest, trickiest roads in America: the famed Lombard Street in San Francisco. Lombard Street is no joke with its eight hairpin twists, demanding the utmost attention even from the most experienced drivers. Needless to say, a test using Tesla’s limited FSD beta on Lombard Street seems nearly insane.

Yet Tesla owner-enthusiasts Tesla Raj and Arash Malek did just that. In a recent YouTube upload, the two owners of Tesla chose to use the restricted FSD beta to navigate Lombard Street. The all-electric car easily traced a route through the eight hairpin turns of the “crookedest street in the world” and the FSD beta’s toughest test started once that was done.

The limited FSD beta was not able to drive through Lombard Street perfectly, as could be seen in Tesla Raj’s video, although it nailed three hairpin turns just fine. Raj said that the FSD beta actually almost completed four hairpin turns, but because of a driveway in the field, the vehicle ended up not detecting a curb. In such a tricky street, the limited FSD beta’s default 15 mph speed also proved to be a bit too fast.

Although the FSD beta did not pass the Lombard Street test, its findings indicate that the driver-assist system is likely to be able to navigate the area in the future without any problems. After all, the FSD beta is developing at a rapid pace, and if it can still manage three hairpin turns from the “most crooked street in the world” only a week into its limited release, then there is a strong chance that Lombard Street will be able to handle future iterations of the system very well.

Watch Tesla’s minimal FSD beta take on one of America’s most crooked streets in the video below:

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