Tesla FSD Beta limits are pushed in a real-world torture test

In a real-world “torture test” carried out around some of the difficult roads in Berkeley, California, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta was recently pushed to its limits. Some impressive behaviors from FSD beta were shown in the test, especially when it came to driving with caution.

Tesla owner and YouTube host AI DRIVR, whose Model S was fitted with the 2020.48.35.6, performed the FSD beta torture test. The test was partially motivated by suggestions from one of the viewers of the channel, who noted that it would be a brilliant idea to make Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta deal with some of the strangest and trickiest intersections and roads in Berkeley, including an intersection where there were about ten roads.

The torture test has shown that the Full Self-Driving Beta is now able to drive carefully in the inner-city streets. Although there are several situations in which the driver-assist system demonstrated more human-like behavior, Full Self-Driving beta acted like an overly-cautious driver during the course of the trip.

AI DRIVR’s torture test resulted in a variety of situations where human involvement was needed, similar to other FSD beta tests that have been performed in the past. These conditions, however, usually reflected situations that would certainly be daunting for even experienced drivers. Given the rapid progression of the FSD beta, it will probably be only a matter of time before all these unusual situations are managed with little to no human intervention.

The beta for Full Self-Driving is bound to get even better soon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted in a recent tweet that the electric car manufacturer is constantly shifting all neural networks to an eight-camera surround video system, which should allow “superhuman self-driving.” This is an important update, given that the capabilities of FSD beta are being done without surround video today.

Watch AI DRIVR’s FSD beta torture test in the video below. 

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