Tesla’s Elon Musk teases massive improvements coming for FSD Beta 9.3

Elon Musk may have a habit of perennially announcing overly aggressive timetables, but the CEO also tends to underplay some of the progress in Tesla’s innovations from time to time. This became quite evident when the company was leading up to the Model Y’s release, which happened sooner than expected. Now, Musk seems to be downplaying some of Tesla’s tech as well, noting on Twitter that in his opinion, FSD Beta 9.2 is “actually not that great.”

Musk’s rather surprising comment came to light in a recent interaction on Twitter. While responding to a post about how automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro advised Ford to try out Tesla’s FSD Beta to experience the bleeding edge of driver-assist systems available today, Musk stated that in his opinion, even FSD Beta 9.2 is not actually that impressive yet. That being said, the CEO did highlight that the Autopilot and AI teams at Tesla are rallying to improve the system’s performance as quickly as possible. 

Musk reiterated that FSD Beta would see notable improvements once the company transitions into a single stack for both highway and city streets driving, but this requires massive neural network training. Fortunately, Tesla seems to have a clear path towards achieving rapid Autopilot and FSD improvements, thanks to projects like the Dojo supercomputer, which was discussed extensively during the recently-held AI Day event. 

Despite the uphill climb facing it, Tesla seems to have some exciting updates in store for its FSD Beta system. Musk noted that he recently drove FSD Beta 9.3 from Pasadena to LAX in a follow-up tweet, and the system exhibited some substantial improvements. This is exciting news, though Tesla owners should probably temper their expectations since Elon Musk’s vehicle is known to be loaded with a version of Autopilot that is far more aggressive than what the company releases to its customers, including the FSD Beta group. 

This was something that was highlighted back in 2018 when a report from The Information, citing members of Tesla’s Autopilot team, revealed that Elon Musk is a frontline tester for Autopilot’s newest capabilities. With the CEO testing his vehicle using a more aggressive Autopilot build, Musk has reportedly been able to help point out areas that need improvements the most. This, however, results in Musk finding himself in “situations that many of (the team) wouldn’t want to be in” at times, as per one of the publication’s sources. 

Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD have gone through numerous iterations over the years, and during that time, the company’s strategies for its driver-assist features have changed significantly. But while some changes, such as the removal of sensors such as radar, remain controversial even among Tesla supporters, the development of systems such as the Dojo supercomputer hint at massive improvements that are yet to come. 

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