Tesla Cybertruck Successfully Completes Winter Testing in New Zealand

Key Points

  • 💨 Tesla Cybertruck is undergoing winter testing in New Zealand, navigating challenging conditions.
  • 🚚 The Cybertruck is nearing initial deliveries, and Tesla is conducting global testing to ensure functionality meets expectations.
  • 🌎 Tesla has been refining and adjusting dimensions, features, and functions of the Cybertruck since its unveiling four years ago.
  • 🏭 Tesla has built its first Cybertruck unit at Gigafactory Texas and is moving forward with production.
  • 🇳🇿 The first Cybertruck units arrived in New Zealand in June for testing at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds.
  • 📅 Tesla plans to deliver the first Cybertruck units by the end of the year, but key details like pricing and configurations are yet to be revealed.

Tesla’s Cybertruck winter testing progresses in New Zealand, with new images surfacing on social media, showcasing the all-electric pickup navigating through challenging conditions.

As the Cybertruck approaches its initial deliveries, Tesla is diligently conducting comprehensive testing and validation worldwide to ensure the pickup meets all expectations before handing over the first units to customers.

The recently shared photographs capture the Cybertruck’s performance in New Zealand, highlighting Tesla’s commitment to fine-tuning its functionality and ensuring it meets the highest standards.

As the Cybertruck was unveiled nearly four years ago, it is about time Tesla nears initial deliveries as its first units were supposed to be handed over in late 2020.

However, the pickup has been under intense scrutiny from the automaker since its unveiling, as Tesla continued to refine and adjust dimensions, features, and functions throughout the duration of the delay.

Last month during the Tesla Q2 2023 Earnings Call, the automaker gave an update on what was currently going on with the Cybertruck:

“We are now testing Cybertruck vehicles around the world for final certification and validation.”

Just a few days before that, Tesla had confirmed it had built its first Cybertruck unit at Gigafactory Texas.

However, this past weekend revealed that the automaker is still moving forward with the Cybertruck’s production, as a leaked video of manufacturing lines for the all-electric pickup surfaced, giving us a half-second glimpse into what’s going on at the factory just outside Austin.

Tesla’s first Cybertruck units arrived in New Zealand in June. The pickup was taken to Wanaka, which is located on the country’s South Island.

It is the home of the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG), which is a notable location for this nature of testing.

Tesla has brought numerous vehicles there in past years to assess winter performance, and the Cybertruck is just the most recent to make the trek across the Pacific Ocean to the region.

Tesla is still planning to deliver the first Cybertruck units by the end of the year. Although the 1.9 million reservation holders are still awaiting key details like pricing and available configurations.

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