Tesla Cybertruck Promotional Filming Suggests Imminent Release

Key Points

  • 🎬 Tesla has been filming a promotional video of the Cybertruck driving through an Icelandic glacier.
  • 🚙 The presence of a film crew and promo filming suggests that the launch of the Cybertruck might be imminent.
  • 📅 Tesla typically holds celebratory events for new vehicle launches, releasing videos and pictures during these events.
  • 🛢️ Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla focused on Cybertruck’s exterior dimensions and cabin size, aiming for the right balance.
  • 🧠 The Cybertruck boasts new technology, making production ramp challenges uncertain; Tesla aims to start deliveries by the end of 2023 and ramp up in 2024.
  • 🚚 Demand for the Cybertruck is high, and the production ramp will be limited by the slowest elements of the supply chain.
  • 📸 The promotional video shot in Iceland might be part of the content showcased during the Cybertruck’s launch event.

Recently, Tesla was observed capturing footage for a promotional video featuring the Cybertruck as it navigated through the glacial landscapes of Iceland.

Eagle-eyed internet users detected the presence of the Cybertruck along with a film crew, presumably contracted by Tesla to compile material for a promotional reel. This occurrence has sparked widespread speculation regarding the impending release of Tesla’s post-apocalyptic-inspired pickup truck.

In line with the customary approach to unveiling and introducing new Tesla vehicles, the company is anticipated to orchestrate a celebratory event. Historically, these events have entailed the release of numerous videos and images showcasing the attributes of the latest Tesla electric vehicle. Consequently, the filming team situated in Iceland could potentially be creating content that will be showcased during the launch event of the Tesla Cybertruck.

Elon Musk shared some information about the Cybertruck in the last TSLA earnings call. He mentioned that Tesla has paid some attention to the exterior dimensions of the Cybertruck. Musk noted that the Tesla Cybertruck is the first four-door pickup with a bed over six-foot long that can still fit in a 20-foot garage. The company specifically made it a point to focus on the cabin’s size and functionality.

“So, it’s just what you’re trying to get right in the middle of the Goldilocks zone, not too big, not too small, and then really maximize the the utility of the volume. And we can’t wait to start delivering it later this year,” said Elon Musk.

Musk has hinted that Tesla has equipped the Cybertruck with a ton of new technology, making it challenging to estimate how smoothly the pickup’s production ramp will move. However, Tesla seems determined to deliver the first Cybertrucks by the end of 2023 and steady ramp production throughout 2024. 

“Demand is so far off the hook, you can’t even see the hook. So, that’s really not an issue. I do want to emphasize that the Cybertruck has a lot of new technology in it. Like a lot.

“The production ramp will move as fast as the slowest and least likely elements of the entire supply chain and internal production. So, you know, I hope it’s smooth. We’ve got a lot of experience with the production ramps,” commented Elon Musk.

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