Leaked information on Tesla Cybertruck production line indicates the absence of a right-hand drive (RHD) option at present

Key Points

  • 😕 The leaked images of the Tesla Cybertruck’s production line suggest that there will be no right-hand drive (RHD) variant available for now.
  • 📸 Detailed photos of the Cybertruck’s frame reveal an asymmetrical firewall, indicating that the vehicle will only be offered in left-hand drive (LHD) variants.
  • ⏰ Customers in RHD countries may need to wait longer before they can receive their Cybertruck orders.
  • 🚙 Tesla faced criticism when it announced that the new Model S and Model X would no longer be offered as RHD vehicles, so it remains to be seen if the Cybertruck will eventually be offered in RHD countries.

Over the weekend, Tesla Cybertruck enthusiasts received a series of updates and leaked information. In addition to an official photo confirming the commencement of production for the electric truck, additional images from the Cybertruck’s assembly line at Giga Texas were also circulated on the internet.

Before Tesla announced that the first production Cybertruck had been built in Giga Texas, leaks from the all-electric pickup truck’s production line were abounding. These included images of completed body-in-whites, as well as more details about the pickup truck’s rear megacast. The images also hinted that the Cybertruck would not have a midgate, which unsurprisingly disappointed some EV enthusiasts. 

This time around, a new set of leaked images were posted by Tesla watcher @TeslaPhx, which featured what could very well be the most detailed photos of the Cybertruck’s frame that have been posted to date. Thanks to these photos, some details about the all-electric pickup truck could be inferred. 

Immediately noticeable from the recent set of leaked photos was the rather complex nature of the Cybertruck’s rear. Industry watchers observed that the bulkhead separating the cabin from the vault seemed to be made of several stamped parts. Some bulges in the lower section of the area could also accommodate hinges, so perhaps the Cybertruck could still have a midgate.

A closer look at the front section of the Cybertruck’s frame hints at something quite interesting, however. As observed by Tesla enthusiasts, the all-electric pickup truck’s firewall is asymmetrical. This meant that the cutout for the steering wheel column was only on the left side of the vehicle. Such a design all but confirms that the Cybertruck would only be offered in Left Hand Drive variants, at least for now. 

Cybertruck reservation holders in RHD countries may then need to exercise some patience before they can receive their pickup trucks. Hopefully, Tesla will offer the Cybertruck to Right Hand Drive countries as well, so the company could avoid some of the flak it received from longtime customers when it announced that the new Model S and Model X would no longer be offered as RHD vehicles. 

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