Strangely covered Tesla Cybertruck fleet spotted in Giga Texas

 Tesla definitely appears to be ramping the production of the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas. And if recent images from the electric vehicle production complex are any indication, it would appear that Tesla currently prefers to keep its recently produced Cybertrucks as hidden from observers. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to start customer deliveries this year. It is then no surprise that sightings of apparent release candidates and other prototypes of the all-electric pickup truck are increasing across the United States. So far, images of Cybertrucks that have recently been shared online suggest that the pickup trucks are already being built better. These sightings have hinted at a number of interesting details about the Cybertruck, such as its wheels and tire size. As could be seen in images that were recently captured by longtime Giga Texas watcher Joe Tegtmeyer, however, Tesla’s latest Cybertrucks are a bit different. 


 As observed by the Tesla watcher, nine Cybertruck units that were parked in the outbound transportation lot at Giga Texas were strangely covered. The reasons behind Tesla’s decision to cover the new Cybertruck units have not been explained by the EV maker, of course, but it does suggest that Tesla may not want its most recently produced Cybertrucks to be seen by avid observers

Other images shared by the drone operator revealed that several other Cybertrucks seem to be getting assembled within Giga Texas. Two pickup trucks stood out quite a bit in the images, thanks in part to their open frunks. 


 Tesla is known as an automaker that never really stops iterating on its vehicles. Thus, it would not be surprising if improvements to the Cybertruck are still being implemented today. The presence of the covered Cybertrucks bodes well for the all-electric pickup truck’s production and deliveries, however, as the vehicles might be among the first Cybertruck units that could be used for test drives or displays. 

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be the electric vehicle maker’s most ambitious vehicle today. Designed to be a tough and reliable work EV that’s armed to the teeth with tech, the Cybertruck would have to prove itself an excellent vehicle to become successful in the competitive — and already-established — pickup truck market. 

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