Tesla Cybertruck with no mega-wiper spotted near California HQ

Another Tesla Cybertruck was spotted over the weekend near the automaker’s California Engineering Headquarters, but interestingly, there was no mega-wiper attached to the vehicle.

Cybertruck sightings have become more frequent in 2023 as the all-electric pickup nears initial production, and according to CEO Elon Musk, that will occur this Summer in limited volumes.

The first of many sightings in 2023 happened in Palo Alto as the Cybertruck was spotted driving around on public roads, and it was also seen hauling tires in the same area.

Then, another Cybertruck was spotted flexing its air suspension, which has been rumored to be a standard feature based on Musk’s past comments.

A Pre-Production Beta of the Cybertruck was also spotted at Investor Day on March 1, and it was arguably the cleanest and sharp version of the truck we’ve seen yet.

It now appears that more Cybertruck sightings are being reported, and according to Greggertruck on the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum, the most recent was over the weekend.

Photos shared by the user show the Cybertruck without its massive wiper blade.

Credit: Greggertruck | Cybertruck Owners Club Forum

However, which has been one of the most tinkered features of the all-electric truck since its unveiling in 2019. Questions have remained: Will Tesla go with a traditional wiper design? Will it go with something that is unique to the Cybertruck?

Most recently, it was utilizing a single-blade design, which was criticized due to its inability to clean the entire windshield.

Another sighting was shared on Twitter, and it was near Stanford, California, which is near Palo Alto, home to the Engineering HQ.

The Cybertruck could be one of the most anticipated products in Tesla’s history, and after it was delayed on several occasions due to redesigns and modifications to the initially unveiled version, the automaker seems ready to roll with production.

The truck will be built in Austin at Gigafactory Texas and will enter limited production in the Summer. Tesla won’t ramp volume production until next year.

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