Best Tesla Cybertruck accessories for your upcoming pickup

With the Tesla Cybertruck finally coming to market next year, some customers are already looking for accessories to personalize their upcoming vehicle. Below we have compiled the best upgrades to make your truck (and yourself) look as good as possible.

Unplugged Performance Rims –

For the uninitiated, having stock rims on your truck, especially in some parts of the United States, is a crime more heinous than not putting the charger back after charging your vehicle. But don’t fret; Unplugged Performance has all of your Cybertruck rim needs met with their newest set of rims that perfectly compliment the angularity of the truck, perhaps even better than the stock rims.

CyberWrap Cybertruck Wrap –

As more and more people have looked to personalize and protect their Tesla vehicles from the elements, paint protection film (PPF) and colored wraps have become incredibly popular. Now, a company named CyberWraps is making a kit to do exactly the same thing for your Cybertruck. According to the company’s website, they offer a wide variety of wrap colors, including my personal favorite, Matt Metallic Mars Red.

Tesla said several years ago that Cybertruck owners would be able to wrap their vehicles in any pattern or color. However, Elon Musk admitted the wrapping wouldn’t be immediately available, so this could be the best option until then.

Space Campers Cybertruck Cab-Camper –

For the more outdoorsy Tesla owner, there is the all-new Cybertruck camper from Space Campers. The company brags that the new camper is technically advanced and quickly attaches and detaches without modification to your new truck. Furthermore, with the included roof-mounted solar panels, your Cybertruck benefits from gaining energy while you are off the grid. Most recently, Space Campers published a complete rendering of its upcoming product, and the company intends to have it ready for the Tesla truck’s launch in 2023.

Personal Accessories –

If custom license plates are any indication, part of the job of a new Tesla owner is to let everyone know that they own the vehicle and that it is better than any other. In matching with this attitude, perhaps the best modification you can make to your truck is buying a “Bulletproof Cybertruck Tee” from Tesla, or for the colder weather, a Model X-mas sweater, compete with Cybertrucks on the torso section. But the obvious cherry on top is the Cybertruck backpack which advertises your new vehicle no matter where you are.

While the cybertruck might not be coming as soon as we would have hoped, it is at least coming with a large amount of third-party support ready and waiting for release. But for many, the release alone is enough reason to be excited

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