Tesla Cybertruck alpha prototype shows off its bed’s capacity by carrying multiple off-road tires

As a pickup truck, the Tesla Cybertruck will be judged in part based on the utility that it can offer its users. With this in mind, the capacity of the vehicle’s bed would likely be one of Cybertruck’s make-or-break points. Making it too small would compromise the vehicle’s utility, and making it too large would make the Cybertruck too cumbersome. 

Fortunately, a recent sighting of a Cybertruck alpha prototype suggests that Tesla was able to design the vehicle in a way that it could have a lot of bed space without making the pickup itself too monstrous in size. As could be seen in one of the Cybertruck alpha prototype’s recently-shared photos online, the all-electric pickup could carry a good amount of cargo on its bed. 

Tesla’s alpha unit for the Cybertruck featured some changes from the original prototype from 2019. For one, it was equipped with road tires instead of the 35″ off-road tires that were equipped in the original Cybertruck prototype. It was also fitted with a side mirror, and its door handles were already removed. This seemed to be the very unit that was spotted in the recent sightings

Interestingly enough, the alpha prototype was carrying what seemed like the Cybertruck’s 35″ off-road tires on its bed with its tailgate closed. While this is not surprising at all, what is quite noteworthy was the fact that the Cybertruck was seemingly carrying up to eight of the 35″ tires on its bed. If this were indeed the case, then it seems safe to assume that the Cybertruck’s bed would have more than enough space for work and leisure. 

Other electric trucks today save for the Ford F-150 Lightning don’t really feature a decent bed. The Rivian R1T is only fitted with a 4.6-foot bed. The Hummer EV, despite its massive size, only features a 5-foot bed. The F-150 Lightning features a decent 5.5-foot bed, but it is still quite smaller than the Cybertruck, which was announced with a 6.5-foot bed. This would make the Cybertruck surprisingly more utilitarian than its fellow electric pickups in the market, despite its unashamedly futuristic design. 

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