Close-Up Look at Tesla Cybertruck Interior, UI, and Tonneau Cover Ahead of Deliveries

Key Points

  • 🚗 A new video provides a close-up look at the Tesla Cybertruck’s interior, UI, and tonneau cover ahead of deliveries starting in two weeks.
  • 📹 The video, shared on TikTok by user TeslaTownTexas, showcases the front seats, passthrough area, ambient lighting, cup holders, and storage compartments.
  • 🌐 The Cybertruck’s interior appears clean and of good quality, offering a glimpse of what customers can expect upon delivery.
  • 🖥️ The user interface (UI) features a view of the truck, alerts for open doors, and tonneau controls accessible from the cabin.
  • ⚙️ The tonneau cover is shown in motion, retractable via buttons inside the cabin and near the bed, providing insight into its functionality.
  • 📅 Tesla is set to commence Cybertruck deliveries on November 30 at Gigafactory Texas, with growing anticipation and interest in the vehicle’s features.

A new video of the Tesla Cybertruck’s interior, user interface (UI), and the operation of its tonneau cover was captured up close and personal ahead of deliveries, which are scheduled to start two weeks from today.

The video gives us a great look at the interior, especially the front seats and passthrough area under the center screen. The UI is also visible and gives us a look at what Tesla could present to the first lucky few who get to take delivery in two weeks. Although this is present on a vehicle that seems to be in great shape and could be very close to what is delivered at the Cybertruck event, we cannot confirm this is precisely what Tesla will bring to the table.

The images come from a TikTok from user TeslaTownTexas, and the entire video shows a pretty good look at the Cybertruck and what prototypes are featuring. One X user, Jeremy Judkins, said that Tesla was banning people who shared the video from the delivery event, but it was a joke.


The first look at the interior we are given in the video shows the spacious front seats, equipped with a sizeable passthrough under the center screen that is usually inside the cabin of most pickup trucks.

The Cybertruck’s interior looks clean and of good quality. Of course, we don’t have the greatest quality with this video, and there are no portions of the video highlighting potential issues with the seats, the leather, or other parts of the truck. However, this look gives us a good idea of what we can likely expect.

The ambient lighting is present in this video, which Tesla has been adding to vehicles recently, including the Model 3 Highland.

The cup holders, storage compartments, and power seat controls are all visible here. The Cybertruck logo is also visible on the running board, covered by cosmetic tape to protect it.


A pretty awesome look at the user interface with the Cybertruck, which features a view of the truck and alerts the driver of which doors are open. It also features tonneau controls from the cabin, which is a nice touch as there are also buttons to control that near the bed.


The Cybertruck tonneau is retractable from the buttons that are shown in this video here and also in the cabin, as we previously mentioned.

This is a great look at the tonneau in action, showing what Tesla owners can expect when it ultimately makes its way to customers in two weeks. Personally, I am interested in seeing the owner’s manual so the manual override for the tonneau can be examined. I have to think that one of these will be faulty at some point, and it would definitely be a pain to have it non-operational with things still being contained within the bed.

Tesla will begin deliveries on November 30 at Gigafactory Texas.

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