Tesla is hiring a Customer Service expert who will help address Elon Musk’s critics

Tesla is looking to recruit a Customer Service Specialist, and the position shows that whoever is hired would “resolve or escalate complaints through appropriate channels and address social media escalations directed at the CEO with critical thinking.”

The job listing is available with the title “Energy Customer Support Specialist” on Tesla’s Jobs website. The remote position will concentrate on customer service and help address the issues that CEO Elon Musk handles with Twitter.

With over 42.6 million followers, Musk is one of the most followed Twitter accounts, the 34th-most among active Twitter accounts. Sadly, not all of the 42.6 million people who follow him are his fans. The CEO is constantly bombarded with criticism for his company’s products or his efforts to relieve the world from its dependence on oil and fossil fuels. Musk is met on an almost daily basis with tough questions from Twitter users, and with so many answers to his Tweets, it would be hard to run the most valuable automaker in the world and challenge regular critics.

It is unclear if Tesla is searching for someone to Tweet from the company account or manage a Customer Service-based account. Nevertheless, the high standards that Tesla has used to create some of the hottest products in the last few years is expected to be adopted with this role as well.

The listing states:

“Tesla Energy Support Specialists handle a variety of customer issues while delivering on world class customer service. The role of a specialist is to resolve or escalate complaints through appropriate channels and address social media escalations directed at the CEO with critical thinking. Deliver on Tesla Measures of Excellence, perform other duties and assignments including administrative, special projects. Support general call center functions that reinforce the mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.   Energy Support Specialists are the front line and face of the Tesla brand. They should maintain a level of professionalism that exceeds that of our customer’s expectations.”

Over the years, Tesla has dealt with numerous concerns regarding customer service, and recently revamped the way it handles complaints through its online store. Previously, any issues or complaints were handled through email and required a Tesla customer service agent to respond and initiate any returns or exchanges. The system is now automated, and customers can initiate their return and receive a shipping label using a dropdown menu. Personal customer service assistance, however, is still a prerequisite for others, so the new role could be oriented towards addressing these complaints.

Tesla officially dissolved its Department of Public Relations in late 2020 and does not have a direct line to obtain statements from the media. This may be the answer to the problem.

The full job posting is available here.

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