Neuralink and what it means for depression and anxiety

Elon Musk’s Neuralink device aims to combat neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and epilepsy, along with other medical conditions like strokes. However, the Link could also fight common anxiety and depression disorders, which are at an all-time high.

Since the company was founded in July 2016 Musk has been outspoken about the potential assistance of Neuralink in combating brain diseases and disorders. However, he has rarely spoken of the ability to overcome anxiety and depression disorders. It was unclear that the system could overcome such common mental disorders until last Friday’s presentation, which informed the public on the company’s development.

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent type of mental illness in the United States according to the American Anxiety and Depression Association. It affects 40 million people ages 18 and older. Just 36.9 percent of these individuals are treated clinically.

Patients are most often treated with strong prescription drugs that can either support or hurt anyone who has a condition. There are plenty of numerous prescriptions out there and choices are never lacking for physicians and psychiatrists.

The side effects of the drugs, however, typically consist of a long list of items that scare off patients. These therapies can also make it worse, which can lead to dependence and addiction.

Fortunately, Musk is working on a Neuralink device to combat these disorders. Although anxiety and depression disorders are rarely “cookie-cutter” instances, the removable Link device may be used to temporarily fight the diseases as patients seek care. Conditions can also get so serious that people have trouble leaving their homes, even if it is to go to a therapy or psychiatry appointment. Neuralink’s devices could help some of the affected function, as usual, everyday people for a short period.

Getting a Neuralink system implanted in someone’s brain that has anxiety or depression disorders may help offer patients a glimpse of what daily life is like, which can provide a boost in the lives of those affected by the debilitating diseases.

It’s unclear when Neuralink systems will begin human trials. The Link’s capabilities and possibilities could help battle a vast amount of medical illnesses that affect daily life. Neuralink seeks to create an affordable alternative for people who don’t have access to essential medical treatment as anxiety and depression rates rise and healthcare costs increase. With the right research and development, Neuralink could put an end to the growing rates of anxiety and depression, which could help battle the increasing number of suicides that put an end to life before support can be obtained.

Reported by Teslarati.

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