Tesla China wholesale figures reach 88,869 vehicles in March 2023

Data released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) revealed that Tesla China’s wholesale results were 88,869 units in March 2023.

The number marks a 35.03% improvement from the 65,814 vehicles sold in the same month last year. Tesla China’s March results also represent a 19.44% increase from February 2023’s 74,402 vehicles. 

It should be noted that Tesla’s March 2023 results also represent the second-highest China-made vehicle sales ever for the company, just behind the 100,291 units that were sold in November of last year. 

This is extremely impressive considering that the first quarter has February, the shortest month of the year, as well as the Chinese New Year, a long holiday in China. The Chinese New Year typically results in a lull for Tesla China’s vehicle sales. 

The data released by the CPCA includes numbers from both domestic sales in China as well as exports. The breakdown of Tesla China’s 88,869 wholesale numbers is expected to be available in the coming days. 

Considering the March 2023 results, it would mean that in the first quarter, Tesla’s China-made vehicle sales were at 229,322 units. This represents an improvement of 25.88% from Q1 2022’s 182,174 units.  

Tesla recently announced that it delivered 422,875 vehicles worldwide in the first quarter of 2023, including 412,180 Model 3/Y and 10,695 Model S/X vehicles. Tesla China’s Q1 results suggest that about 54% of Tesla’s global deliveries in the first quarter were accounted for by vehicles that were produced at Gigafactory Shanghai. 

CPCA data suggests that Tesla sold 66,051 and 74,402 China-made vehicles in January and February, including 26,843 and 33,923 vehicles in China, respectively. The Shanghai plant exported 39,208 and 40,479 vehicles in those months, as per the CPCA. 

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