Tesla’s next-gen EV is a small crossover, target production at 4M per year: industry insider report

Tesla’s growth over the past few years has been built on the back of the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y crossover. But for Tesla to reach its self-imposed target of 20 million vehicles per year by the end of the decade, the company needs to come up with a lower-priced car that could be produced at a scale far larger than the Model 3 and Model Y. 

This vehicle, if the company’s Investor Dar presentation is any indication, would be its next-generation car. Produced at Gigafactory Mexico, Tesla’s next-gen vehicle is expected to be offered at a lower price point than the Model 3 and Model Y. It would also be the product of numerous innovations that would make it easier and more cost-effective to build. 

Tesla tends to be very secretive about its future products, and the next-gen car is no exception. Few details about the vehicle are known today, though a recent report from China may have provided some new insights about the upcoming car. Citing several industry insiders, tech publication 36Kr recently claimed that Tesla is planning a grand production capacity map for its next-generation car. 

“The low-priced model is a smaller version of the Model Y. Tesla is working on building an annual production capacity of up to 4 million units for it,” one of the publication’s sources reportedly noted.

If the comment from the publication’s source were accurate, then Tesla’s next-generation vehicle may be a small crossover. This would be quite interesting, as previous hints at the vehicle’s design suggested that the affordable EV may be in the form of a compact car. That being said, the crossover market is extremely popular today, so a smaller, more affordable Model Y may prove extremely successful.

Apart from the vehicle’s reported design, the Chinese publication’s sources also claimed that Tesla is planning an annual production capacity of up to 4 million units for the next-gen vehicle. This capacity would reportedly be distributed across Tesla’s numerous factories, with Giga Mexico taking the lion’s share of production at 2 million cars per year. On an annual basis, Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai will reportedly produce about 1 million units of the affordable Tesla each. 

While Tesla’s affordable electric car is exciting, the publication’s sources noted that the vehicle is still more than a year away, at least depending on how fast Gigafactory Mexico could be built and launched. The next-gen car would likely be Tesla’s best and toughest endeavor to date, just from the sheer scale involved in the vehicle’s production and ramp. Fortunately, Tesla has a reputation for being a master of cost optimization through technological innovation. And that, ultimately, could help the company achieve even its most insane targets. 

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