Tesla China hits record delivery of 21,604 China-Made Model 3 in November, a 78% MoM increase

In China, the Tesla Model 3 has made some serious progress, with recent data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) showing that in November, the electric car manufacturer sold 21,604 units of all-electric sedans domestically. Compared to Model 3 sales in October, when Tesla sold 12,143 units in China, this represents an increase of around 78 percent.

Tesla China caught flak from the company’s critics back in October over its domestic sales numbers, which only showed a 7.18 percent increase from September, when the company sold 11,329 Model 3s. What Tesla skeptics largely ignored was the fact that Gigafactory Shanghai began exporting vehicles to Europe, which meant that a good part of the output of the facility was allocated to foreign territories.

Given the major bounce back in November of the Model 3, supply, not demand, continues to remain Tesla’s key issue in the Chinese market. Tesla China appears to have concentrated in November on domestic sales of the Model 3, resulting in record-breaking sales figures for the all-electric sedan produced by Gigafactory Shanghai.

In the coming months, the momentum of the Tesla Model 3 in China is likely to become even more prominent, especially as the electric car manufacturer has registered Model 3 Performance with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Tesla also updated its Made-in-China Model 3 lineup, with four versions of the all-electric sedan being registered by the company.

Details of the company’s updated Model 3 lineup in China have not been released yet although speculation suggests that Tesla will soon manufacture the Model 3 Dual Motor AWD in Giga Shanghai alongside the Model 3 Performance. This, together with the production of the Made-in-China Model Y, will probably give a serious boost to the electric car manufacturer as it pursues its announced target of manufacturing 550,000 vehicles locally in 2021.

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