Tesla to produce $25K car as early as 2022 in Gigafactory Shanghai: report

An eco-assessment report for Gigafactory Shanghai recently provided a teaser about a third Tesla that will be produced at the China-based electric car factory. The documents hint that Tesla is looking to produce a new car at Giga Shanghai as early as 2022, and it will be priced between RMB160,000 to RMB 200,000 (about $25,000 to $30,000). 

As noted in a report posted by Sina Motors on Weibo, Tesla’s steadily improving sales in China were key drivers for the impending launch of the third vehicle. The new car was reportedly approved as early as September 2020, and product verification is poised to be completed around March 2021. The vehicle, which will reportedly be based on the Model 3 chassis, will take its place as Tesla’s entry-level EV in the country. 

At a starting price of $25,000, the yet-to-be-named vehicle will likely rival the Model Y in raw sales. The market for smaller, more affordable cars in China is notable, after all, especially as the vehicles are a good match for buyers who reside in areas that are heavily populated. A vehicle whose top-tier variants are around RMB200,000 (about $30,000) also means that more buyers could attain a top-notch Tesla experience at a much lower price.

(Credit: Sina Motors/Weibo)

Information about the new car’s styling has not been leaked as of date, though speculations are abounding that the new vehicle will likely be a smaller sedan or hatchback of sorts. This was hinted at by a teaser Tesla posted last year when the company initiated a hiring ramp for local employees who could help design the upcoming vehicle. 

Tesla’s rough sketch of a vehicle that’s smaller than the Model 3. (Credit: Tesla China)

A release date as early as 2022 for the upcoming $25,000 car is very exciting. Elon Musk, after all, has been pretty conservative about any timeframes regarding the entry-level car, with speculations in the EV community expecting the vehicle to arrive around 2024-2025. Considering these recent leaks from China, however, it appears that Tesla’s $25,000 car may be coming sooner than expected.

Original Publication by Simon Alvarez at Teslarati.

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