Tesla Solar Roof owner shares insights on tiles’ resilience in snowstorm

A New Jersey homeowner who had the Tesla Solar Roof installed on his home recently shared some insights about the durability of the integrated solar shingles against heavy snowfall. It appears that the Solar Roof manages large quantities of snow reasonably well, based on the experience of the Tesla owner.

Tesla owner Tomas Nochta wanted to find out how during a snowstorm his recently-installed Solar Roof works. Over the night, while the snowstorm was going on, Nochta took some videos and pictures, allowing him to get a good idea of how the Solar Roof tiles, which are made of tempered glass, will react to the snow build-up.

The construction of the Solar Roof proved reasonably robust. Granted, the steep pitch of the Tesla owner’s home and the fact that the snow itself was powdery are a prominent part of this. Nonetheless, the tempered glass nature of the Solar Roof made it very difficult for snow to build up. Significant quantities of snow could be seen falling down the roof at many points in the video.

Owing in part to the slippery tempered glass surface of the Solar Roof, by the time the snowstorm ended, the Tesla owner’s home was partially free of snow. This should allow the solar roof tiles to capture energy immediately as soon as sunlight is available. It also made removing the remaining areas of the roof that were still obscured by snow during the night quite easier for the homeowner.

Overall, the Tesla owner noted that during the snowstorm, which was heavier than what he usually encounters in New Jersey, his Solar Roof installation worked admirably. In the Solar Roof tiles, no harm was also found, although the owner of Tesla noted that it would be prudent for homeowners to ensure that the areas directly under the roof are free of any artifacts that could break due to the falling snow from the roof.

Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are actually in their third version, and Tesla has made a lot of progress in improving the flagship energy system’s installation times so far. Elon Musk proved to be very positive about the promise of the Solar Roof. “Musk noted that the Solar Roof would be known as a “killer product” during Tesla’s third-quarter earnings call. “This will become obvious next year (2021),” Musk said.

Watch a video of the Solar Roof performance during a snowstorm below.

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