Tesla rolls out new navigation feature in smartphone app for smoother travel

Tesla made a minor improvement in its smartphone app that will allow for smoother navigation.

Tesla’s in-car navigation is incredibly useful for electric vehicle drivers as it not only tracks and plans a route like any other GPS system, but it plans out a trip and forecasts things like time spent at Superchargers, which is extremely logical for obvious reasons.

Owners are still looking for more improvements in Tesla’s app regarding navigation. Previous iterations of the GPS on the smartphone app had shown where the vehicle’s location and where the destination was, but not the route specifically. This had left drivers somewhat confused about where their drive would take them.

Tesla has now added this feature to the app, according to Not a Tesla App, and more improvements could be on the way.

While route planning in the app and then sending it to your vehicle is possible, there is still no evidence that Tesla plans to implement Waypoints into the app, allowing drivers to plan each stop instead of the Point A to Point B method exclusively.

The new feature is an improvement from the October 2022 app update that allowed owners to see what the vehicle’s destination was and other traveling metrics, like ETA and what the battery charge would be when the car arrived at its final stop.

In November 2021, Tesla finally implemented a rollout of Waypoints, but the automaker refers to it as “Add Stop.” This gives owners the opportunity to plot out multiple destinations in a single trip. Ideal for road trips, other map applications utilize this to give drivers a more customized route along their travels.

Tesla continues to make improvements to its smartphone app. Most recently, the company added “Drive on Sunshine” as a feature, which allows owners to use excess energy generated by a solar system to charge their electric vehicle, making traveling as sustainable as possible.

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