Stellantis joins Ford in reaching tentative UAW agreement: report

Key Points

  • 🤝 Stellantis has reached a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.
  • 🏭 As part of the agreement, a plant in Illinois will be reopened.
  • 💰 Both Stellantis and Ford offer a 25% wage increase over four and a half years.
  • 🚗 General Motors (GM) is the only remaining “Big Three” automaker without an agreement.
  • 📅 The deals are pending approval, and details will be shared by the UAW on Saturday.
  • 💼 The agreement is contingent on state and local tax incentives and pending final approval.
  • 🏭 Stellantis’s Belvidere, Illinois plant will reopen, thanks to subsidies for transitioning to electric vehicles.
  • 🏢 Investments are expected in other U.S. plants, including one in Trenton, Michigan.
  • 💸 The UAW contract is expected to increase labor costs per vehicle for automakers.
  • 🚗 Talks with GM are ongoing.

Stellantis has reportedly reached a tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, which includes the reopening of one plant in Illinois.

After Ford reached a tentative agreement with the UAW earlier this week, Stellantis has joined the automaker in offering a 25-percent wage increase over four and a half years, according to two sources familiar with the matter in a report from Reuters. Both automakers have offered contracts featuring an initial wage increase of 11 percent, and now General Motors (GM) is the only remaining “Big Three” automaker to come to an agreement.

The deals are both still pending approval, and the companies aren’t expected to make any announcements until Saturday afternoon or evening. According to the sources, the UAW will share details about the agreement on Saturday, including those regarding temporary workers and investments at the Illinois factory and others.

UAW President Shawn Fain and other UAW officials are also expected to talk with workers about the contract in a video conference.

The news comes as the historic strikes against the Big Three enter their seventh week and after the UAW announced that it would be willing to come down to 25-percent wage increases from its initial 40-percent demands this week.

The agreement is contingent on certain expectations for state and local tax incentives, according to the sources. Additionally, the contract is pending final approval from top UAW officials, and it’s expected to be reviewed over the next several days.

Stellantis’s Belvidere, Illinois plant will also reopen as part of the agreement after the company closed its doors at the factory earlier this year, letting go of 1,300 workers. The Biden administration and the state of Illinois have offered subsidies to help re-tool the Jeep factory as part of the agreement.

The automaker cited the cost of the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in announcing plans to close late last year. Fain responded to the news in December, saying that the layoffs were “unacceptable.”

Along with the Illinois factory, the agreement is expected to feature investments at other U.S. plants, including a 71-year-old facility in Trenton, Michigan, south of Detroit.

After Ford announced plans to hold off on a $12 billion EV manufacturing investment on Friday, the automaker also said that it expected the tentative UAW contract to increase labor cost per vehicle by $850 to $900. Reuters points out that Tesla had a labor cost advantage of roughly $20 per hour over the Big Three prior to bargaining.

With cost-of-living adjustments, the UAW said the Ford deal amounted to over 33 percent in wage increases.

At the time of writing, talks are still ongoing with GM.

You can watch the UAW’s video announcing its tentative agreement with Stellantis here.

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